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Grey Goose L'Orange

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ok i guess im a fan of regular grey goose this just tasted wierd.
Reviewer: ian oliver

SMooth, soft and clearly defined with a touch of sweetness that gives it a slight orangy Taste. Arguably, the best orange flavored vodka on the market.
Reviewer: G. Zagaja

Sweet, crisp distinct orange flavor. Has the taste and fragrance of the old 50/50 orange/vanilla ice cream bars. Very nice.
Reviewer: Terry Caldwell

Could not stand it. I love a nice vodka neat and right out of the freezer, but this one was a huuuge disappointment. The aroma is similar to what I imagine the aroma of an orange soaked in rubbing alcohol would be. Rough going down, and very rough coming back up later. A terrible vodka from a severely overrated brand.
Reviewer: Sam Aman

Quite simply the best vodka I have ever tasted & I've tasted many. Smooth, fresh BUT with body & substance. Superb, natural taste & aroma. Never had any hangover or stomach upsets with GG. Quite the opposite, I find it gives me a soothing feeling at the end of a day.
Reviewer: Nikki

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