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What we are about. And what we are not about.

Let us be totally clear: Vodkaphiles is NOT about the mindless consumption of vodka, about getting wasted on high-proof spirits, about partying with vodka jello shots, etc.

Alcohol of any sort is a drug. It can be addictive. It can be dangerous, and it can and does kill. Just ask children of an alcoholic what it can do.

And don't even get us started about how vodka has ravaged Russia.

Yet we believe that you cannot overcome these problems with prohibition or by legislating morality. The only responsible road is proper education and appreciation for all facets of alcohol – its dangers as well as its benefits and finer points.

This could not be more true than with vodka. Because this "little water" has gotten a bad rap. Given its appearance and history in Eastern Europe and Russia, it is seen as nothing more than pure spirits commercialized for mass consumption. Or, worse some would say, just a convenient base for a mixed drink.

As a true vodka lover will tell you, vodka can be a very subtle drink, full of interesting aromas and aftertastes. Sure, there is plenty of rotgut out there, but Vodkaphiles is about enjoying premium vodkas – the beverages that respected companies have taken time to develop as unique and flavorful products.

The only way to drink vodka is responsibly. Don't get drunk. Drink to enjoy what you are drinking. Drink vodka with plenty of food and friends. In moderation, vodka is a truly wonderful spirit. In excess, vodka is a killer.

Oh, and one more thing that should be obvious to anyone smarter than a cinderblock: never drink and drive.

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