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Every Vodkaphile knows that no two vodkas are alike. And no two tasters are alike. So how do you know the difference between good vodka and so-so vodka? By the shape of the bottle? Not.

There are three ways to sort out the creamy good stuff from the rotgut:

Consumer Taste-Offs: Gather enough people with differing, subjective tastes and taste several vodkas blind. We did this four times. Every time the results were rather different. We learned that the outcome of a blind tasting can depend heavily on location, weather, participants and general atmosphere.

Expert Tastings: Collect self-styled and/or industry accepted "experts" to rate vodkas either blind or straight. We have done this as well. And from time to time we hear about some new vodka taking the Top Dog rating at this or that event. But just because some expert says the vodka is good, does that mean you will like it? Not likely. That's why the Vodkaphiles' preferred method is:

Wisdom of Crowds: Use the internet to bring vodka lovers together from all over the world, so they can publicly share their reviews of different vodkas. This is what Vodkaphiles has been all about since 2005. In the end, everyone is their own best expert, but we all gain by sharing our experiences and tastes under different circumstances. 

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