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Horrible. Right down there with Rubinoff and Seagrams (in the big plastic jug). Harsh isn't the word. I don't know what happens to vodka by 2033, but it's a travesty I'll tell you that much.
Reviewer: Craig | Review this vodka

Żołądkowa Gorzka

This is probably the most common Nalewka there is - hard to find in the USA (of course), but utterly ubiquitous in every square meter of Poland. I saw it for sale behind information desks, in rural corner stores, and even at petrol stations! It's sweet and juicy on the nose, like a fresh-peeled clementine. It's incredibly sugary, but not syrupy, going down; the flavor is dominated by spicy rye notes and the inoffensive beet sugar, with the only "bitter" notes being orange zest and just the tiniest hint of clove. It goes down absurdly, dangerously smooth and easy! This vodka is certainly delicious, but it's also a bit unjustifiably legendary. Other companies' knockoffs of it tend to be undrinkably disgusting, which leaves it little competition - but if you're hunting the world's best brands like I do, it's not necessarily worth scouring the ends of the earth. It's rather tasty, and worth trying if you see it!
Reviewer: Sam W. | Review this vodka

Alberta Pure Vodka

Alberta Pure Premium Purely misses the premium mark. Like many people who have tried this vodka, I too was intrigued by the ads and the awards that it had won, claiming it to be a premium product. But sadly to say Alberta pure premium vodka is by no means a premium drink. I was hoping for a Great product at a fair price but after trying it, I would classify it in the ranks of Smirnoff and absolute and skyy. I enjoy my vodkas and while I'm not an expert it's very easy to tell the difference between Alberta pure and a high-quality one like Grey Goose or Pravda. It's price point puts it on par with the other vodkas of its quality and while it's not terrible, it's definitely a drink for mixing and not for drinking straight. It has a harsh smell, bitter taste and burns on the way down. If you're looking for premium quality then I suggest you look elsewhere - as for vodkas in this price point might I suggest Stolichnaya as a good alternative, it's no Grey Goose but from what I have tried it is one of the best vodkas in that price range.
Reviewer: VodkaFan | Review this vodka


Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer is horrible. I tasted the cranberry lime, orange mango, and the watermelon. They are horrible. If this was the first Smirrnoff I ever tasted I probably wouldn't taste any other kind. I absolutely LOVE their other drinks but these ones are horrible.
Reviewer: Brandy | Review this vodka

Russian Prince

I think it's great vodka Enjoy a shot after each meal
Reviewer: Iddee | Review this vodka

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