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Ok...I know....this stuff is cheap and some consider it swill, but for an everyday vodka, especially for mixing, it can't be beat for its price category. Even the more expensive brands don't have Gordon's Official Royal Seal "By Appointment of her Majesty the Queen" stamped on it! This is my "weekday vodka". On the weekends, it's Finlandia for another great value, or check out Black Sea from Trader Joe's--it's a great buy too.
Reviewer: mike

As far as the inexpensive vodkas (note ranking in the leage and pricerange, would judge it a 2.75 ot 3 for overall comparision with expensive vodkas) this is one of the best. Clean smell, nice color, and clear aftertaste. Less likely for hangover then most. Best for mixing yet could cover a martini in a pinch. Lacks the character a lot of the higher quality vodkas but for the price cant be beat.
Reviewer: Pat

Ah, I'm new here and thought the first fill-in page was for my profile. So... this is what I want to post: I've been drinking Gordon's for years (with some rest breaks) and have always considered it right fine, close to the top shelfs. And I loved Gordon's distinctive orange and white cosmetics... ah, that orange cap. I was thus crestfallen when one day I went to buy a bottle only to discover the orange has given way to (cough) blue! Baby blue? Yeh, I understand they may have done this to avoid any potential confusion upon the intro of an orange-flavored vodka. But are people so obtuse as to not recognize the word "Orange," writ large on that label? Two more words to get off my chest: plastic bottles! What the heck are they thinking? $1.79 juice at my supermarket comes in glass. Gordon's is the vodka James Bond drank, after all. Though not expensive, it's always been a classy brand and a spirit more than able to inspire a peaceful expression on the visage of a martini drinker when he or she takes a first sip of the day. Drawing toward the close here... I imagined my disappointment would eventually wear away, but it hasn't, and that's put me of a mind to take action. On another browser right now I have the contact info for parent company Diageo. Fellow Gordon-ers out, take heart. I'm going all the way to the top (I know how to get there with such folks and always do. We'll then have a very nice chat on the subject of tradition and brand loyalty. ...Hello from gorgeous Florida... Erik
Reviewer: Erik Wiklund

the most vile thing i've tasted.
Reviewer: Maksim Markov

I've tasted much more expensive vodkas and found some quite disagreeable. I'm not ashamed to say I've consumed this one with a mixer and solo with only a splash of lime juice and liked it. My main issue is with the label change; to be sure it was actually the same product, I called the contact number on the old label. They refused to give me an answer unless I gave them my full name and date of birth, just for a small bit of information, which I of course refused to do, wanting to protect my private info from possible security breach/ID theft. They are not selling me liquor yet requiring my proof of age? And of course anyone can tell them anything. How does this company get away with such a practice???
Reviewer: Vanessa D

Despite what others say, Gordon's has been one of my favorites.First for price , then for drinkability. I've tried many vodkas for five times the price and always compared them to Gordon's, where they all fell short on bang for you buck.
Reviewer: Dan Vanderbeek

New label, hasn't Royal warrant......what happened?????? great mix vodka , been drinking over 40 years !!!!!!!
Reviewer: Mr. Phillip Glass

Has anyone noticed the new label change on Gordon's Vodka bottles? It no longer calls itself vodka, but a "vodka specialty spirit". It also says it is an "exceptional blend" and "vodka with natural flavors". I don't know what all that means, but it may be a cost-cutting measure by mixing vodka with cheaper spirits, similar to what Kamchatka Vodka did several years ago.
Reviewer: R. Beckley

For the price its a competent vodka that can stand among'st others of a higher price range. Its fantastic for mixing, and it goes down relatively smooth straight. Can't beat the quality for the price.
Reviewer: Joshua

For the price its a competent vodka that can stand among'st others of a higher price range. Its fantastic for mixing, and it goes down relatively smooth straight. Can't beat the quality for the price.
Reviewer: Joshua

FYI: Here's where the confusion lies. Gordon Gin's dates to 1769, has a wild Boar symbol the Royal appointment seal on the label. Its distilled in Scotland and is owned by the company Diagio. Gordon's Vodka is quite different. It has the boar symbol but no Royal appointment, my bottle says it was produced and bottled by "The Distillers Company" of Norwalk CT (Diagio). The label also lists it as a "Vodka Specialty Spirit" which means sugar has been added as a flavoring. Straight and with mixer I found it too sweet and non-traditional. I prefer Svedka as a middle shelf vodka.
Reviewer: William Wallace

I googled Gordon's Vodka just to see if the bottle that I bought went bad ... but either way, it's the worst tasting vodka or liquor in general I've ever experienced. Why is it even more expensive than other cheaper brands? It's taste like shoe polish meets mildew meets acetone. Should be banned. God awful tasting? I guess tastebuds are very different among other folks.
Reviewer: Debisis

I have been a fan of Gordon's Vodka for more then 2 decades (the Traditional 100% grain neutral spirits with no citric acid blender or any flavor added) it's very smooth and balanced taste, and is flexible to mix with anything to add some taste. But lately they have changed the Label with a new attractive one [R. Beckley & Mr. Phillip Glass has mentioned it above] and at time of purchase i didn't suspect it will be any taste change, but while i opened the bottle i felt a smell of lemon taste and i tough to myself that it's just a fantasy, after the first shot i realized that a major change has made in the ingredients, and i'm really surprised why do they did this change, if it was a money issue i'm ready to pay a bit more.
Reviewer: Zolman

My husband and I have enjoyed Gordon's Vodka for a long time. In fact, we were drinking Gordon's screw drivers in 1989 while Hurricane Hugo was ravaging our yard. Today I purchased a bottle which has something terribly wrong with it. Its number is L63485N0010205 and I am returning this bottle tomorrow even if I can't get my money back.. What could be wrong with this bottle?
Reviewer: Shirley Clontz

I love it when my snobby friends tout their favorite vodka and I pour a few separate shots of each and they simply cannot pick theirs from Gordon's
Reviewer: Zeek AzoiD

Wow this is terrible vodka! No wonder it was on sale for $6. Is it actually rubbing alcohol? Should I worry about going blind soon?
Reviewer: Qtipsy

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