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Not the most expensive of vodkas, yet despite this is rather smooth. Glen's manages to escapes the bitter taste true some over-rated, over-priced brands. Good straight or mixed...
Reviewer: Adam

Vodka for gatecrashers- this stuff is supercheap and tastes it. Aroma and flavour are just pure ethyl alcohol- no nuances, no flavour- just rough chemistry on the tounge and throat.
Reviewer: Jon Lopez

This stuff is cheap but really is not nice at all imo. In the UK it's the choice of ppl who generally just want to get off their face. Deffo in the category of "loony juice" imo. Drank it when I was younger, no money so not a lot of choice. Got given it at an evening out recently. I had a few sips to be polite. Reminded me of how awful it really is.
Reviewer: Nikki

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