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A perfectly delicious vodka, but not available in the US.
Reviewer: Jeff

It's smooth, the smoothest vodka ever.
Reviewer: Anna Murphy

This vodka was introduced to me by my future brother in law. It was so smooth that it was the drink of choice at my wedding in Russia on 29 Oct 2002. I only wish I could buy this vodka in the UK, but my search has so far failed to find a retailer of this fantastic vodka. I am now a convert to drinking vodka as Russians do, but only a quality one like Flagman.
Reviewer: Paul Powell

Flagman makes 3 different vodkas: the labels are respectively blue, black, and red - each representing a different level of quality and price. The story is that each one is originally meant for different levels of soldiers in the army: the blue - the cheappest - for the privates, the black for the special forces, and the white - the most expensive - for the commanders. They are all very smooth in my opinion, but the best is the white flagman. They are currently trying to raise the image of the white Flagman in Moscow and St. Petersburg by aggresive campaining in the fanciest clubs there, but truth be told they are all good. Not the best you can get but still better than most, if not all, that you can get in western Europe and the U.S. with few exceptions, such as Grey Goose.
Reviewer: Robert Loewe

The most seamless, smooth, tastefully transparent vodka I've ever had. First experience was in Russia, have been dreaming about it ever since. A++++
Reviewer: Cory

Very smooth. When Ice cold it is like drinking water with sugar in it.
Reviewer: Erik

This is the best, smoothest vodka i have ever had... i loved it... i want more... can't find it in the US..
Reviewer: CJ

It is really good. If unable to find, try VOX from the UK. A close runner up in my world. Oh yes drink them both room temperature. Do not freeze as they say.. Only bad or good vodka need to be frozen. Great vodka like Flagman or Russian Standard can be drunk straight at room temperature without any headaches the next morning.
Reviewer: MSP

To rework what Robert Loewe said, Flagman has blue label (least expensive), white label (middle price but called 'vyshiy sostav'-highest/best ingredients), and black label (highest price, called 'nochnoy desant'-night forces/special forces). Classiest bottle goes to the black. Maybe things have changed, but this is how it is at the stores right now where I live. The price difference between the highest and lowest is only about 70 roubles, so it's not going to bust balls.
Reviewer: Mike

The very Best Vodka what I never taste... exellent before and after meal...
Reviewer: JakeB

OMG this has to b the best vodka ive ever tried!..i gave up spirits 2 years ago But just came back from a 3 weeks trip to Russia,St.Petersburg & Petrozavodsk..i drunk nothing else LOL & had no hangover next day..Bloody Marvellous! Wish i could get it in Uk :(
Reviewer: MELLY

Discovered Flagman on a trip to Russia a few months ago. Bought it in a corner store cause I had heard the name, turned out to be the best vodka I have ever tasted and I have tasted many since trying to find something as good. Brought back one bottle to Canada and now don't want to drink it because there isin't any available here. Must go back to Russia!!!!!
Reviewer: Heloise

I found Flagman vodka the other day in J Sainsbury in B'ham, so there is a constant supply of this product to the UK. Good luck finding it in your local JS
Reviewer: Gerasim

Oh yes!!! This is real vodka!
Reviewer: Klamy Aamann

Spent a semester abroad in Russia, and was so sorry when the stash of Flagman White I'd brought back in my suitcase ran out the following year. Such good stuff- hope they start importing to the United States. In the meantime, I'll be drinking Three Olives.
Reviewer: Diana

Just had Flagman when visiting St. Petersburg and I loved it. Now I have to start searching in the US for it. The notes above don't give me much hope.
Reviewer: Tony Deluca

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