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Magic stuff, Clean fresh and a true vodka. The most purest vodka i have tasted.
Reviewer: Simon Labond

Reviewer: CLARA

Very inexpensive for a top of the line vodka.
Reviewer: Steve

my all time fav vodka!
Reviewer: kimberly

A classy vodka, for a reasonable price that slides down smooth, with little burn- much better then Absolut. A nice warm aftertaste, with a real flair. Makes a great Martini.
Reviewer: Peter

My favourite vodka of the ones found on the shelf of an ordinary alcohol outlet. Certainly the best choice, when compared to Smirnoff, Absolut or Australian(BAH!) brand vodkas. Vodka best drunk straight. Personally, I'm not fussy. I drink from the bottle, and a lot, but finlandia never lets me down. A partywinner; all my friends like it. And those who don't- we'll they are uncultured morons who gulp down grogs(another: Bah!)! The bottle is nice- a design winner, if I remember correctly, and no one should have ANY problems with it.
Reviewer: Dan

The Best vodka of the world! I love it's taste and the bottle is nothing but stylish!
Reviewer: Troy

Wonderful flavor, aroma and well rounded taste with just a hint of sweetness. Only drink it ice cold!
Reviewer: matt huff

My Finnish friend has always been bragging about this vodka and now I know why...its really crisp, not medicinal. Finland used to be under Russian occupation, guess they learned a thing or two about vodka.
Reviewer: Kim

I gave it a four because I'm not sure of what a 5 taste like. This vodka is smooth, almost no burn, and its inexpensive when compared to stoli, absolute (yuck), Ketel, or Grey Goose. I genuinely like Finlandia. I pay $26.50 for a 1.75. I cannot see dishing out %50 more for Grey Goose, when I am perfectly satisfied with Finlandia.
Reviewer: Philip Thompson

a very good, reasonably priced vodka. you can get a 1.75 ltr bottle of it for $19 at rite aid when it's on sale. cheaper than competitors because you aren't paying for advertising.
Reviewer: James

Simply put,to this newcomer vodkaphile,this is excellent vodka: a nice balance of smoothness, with some subtle substance. I like it straight from the freezer, or on ice to lengthen the experience. A fine Scandinavian vodka-Blasts Swedens'popular seller out of the water. Continous distillation, midnight sun six-row barley (not your usual rye or wheat), and glacial spring water-they all go into it. My "white reindeer" nectar; and costs much less than the "goose". Try for yourself.
Reviewer: Rob

As far as price class is concerned, well then this vodka is up there, but no way in hell worth the 4 in change rating is posted at here. Overall, it is smooth and does leave an aftertaste,reminiscent of toasted barley, has even a "nutty ambiance" if you will. Although a matter of preference, Vodka should never leave any after taste,and because of that I dislike it, but if you want to blow 16 bux in frivolous fashion, then go ahead!
Reviewer: frank dimaggio

Damn good, especially for the price. Costs the same as swills like Absolut and Smirnoff but is a thousand times better.
Reviewer: Dave

Beautiful flavour and texture, especially with fruits like cranberry and apple. Possibly my most favourite brand of Vodka, until someone introduces me to something better :)
Reviewer: James

Smooth vodka, excellent for the price. No smell. Very smooth in your mouth, burns just a tad on the way down but not near as much as Skyy or Absolut.
Reviewer: G

A very good vodka. Smooth, with a decently elegant bottle. By far better than the majority of brands available. The Fins got this one right!
Reviewer: Stefan

maybe my favorite non-russian vodka. smooth with a good (but not fantastic) taste. But it has a very interesting after-soothe that i have not experienced with other vodkas. definetly worth trying
Reviewer: Maksim Markov

This vodka is too warm for me. In a blind taste test Finlandia took last place behind Fris and Skyy. I was disappointed because I really wanted to like it.
Reviewer: Michael

Ill buy it if there is no FRIS, its not better than fris, but better than absolut and easily better than smirnoff.
Reviewer: jimsteve

An o.k. vodka, but not worth the price.
Reviewer: Jeff

An old faithful of mine. I drank this most when I was just starting to appreciate vodka. Don't let the price tag fool you. Competes and even blows away some of the more expensive competition. Dry, just a slight bitterness, and very little scent. Mixes beautifully with cranberry juice.
Reviewer: Hillary

i gave this 5 stars before, but upon further reflection (after tasting some true 5star vodkas) i think Finlandia should be a 4. what i said is still true - good aroma, okay taste, smooth drink, and has a uniquely soothing aftertaste.
Reviewer: Maksim Markov

The Perfect Vodka. A Classic. Why? 1. Six-Row Barley. 2. Glacial Water. 3. Midnight Sun. 4. Crafted in the North. Enjoy. Nick
Reviewer: Nick

Absolutely amazing vodka. So pure (continuous distillation) that they don't even filter it... And I guess the six-row barley is in no way inferior to any kind of wheat or rye. Nice smell, delicate and delicious grain taste, a good amount of heat with no burn at all and no bitter aftertaste - what more could you ask for? Brilliant - a dangerous vodka!
Reviewer: Bogdan Petculescu

I'm really not a fan of this vodka at all. It's quite bitter and has too much of a bite. There are better vodkas to be had for the same price or less.
Reviewer: Jennifer

The best vodka I have ever met with in the Hungarian stores. I like the hint of sweetness in it, its kinda unique compared to the others like the Absolut or Smirnoff. I like the shape of its bottle too.
Reviewer: Danee

Smooth, crisp clean vodka. Great value at only $18.00 compared to Goose, Absolut,Ciroc, Stoli, etc. A favorite of mine.
Reviewer: Joseph

Ive had better but i'd definitely recomend this one, had many an enjoyable night out on this one!
Reviewer: calum

On a business trip to Finland I had this and I was surprised, it's as good as the best Russian vodkas. The price was something awful, $20 for 0.7 liters but thankfully it's cheaper back home. Very smooth taste, stylish bottle. Makes a gift for a vodkaphile! Also made from barley and not any shit
Reviewer: Chris D

The best vodka for the money you can get (probably) in Moscow now ($15 for 0.5 liter). This is the Russian vodka (Finland was a part of Russia as you of course know) with controlled Finnish quality - thank you our Finnish brothers - you are the best.
Reviewer: Sergey

I don't rate nothing a 5 (saving that for the ultimate vodka). And this stuff aint it. For $14 not bad, but I wont buy it again. It reminds me of Svedka, but a little less harsh. For $5 less go get Fris. It's the only vodka I've rated a 4 so far.
Reviewer: jmr

For the first time when I opened it, felt like its fake. because it didn't have any alcohol's smell. But when I tried it I found that it wasn't fake but amazing. I bought 3 more bottles of it and make MOJITO cocktail with it and can't imagine any drink better that this.
Reviewer: parinaz

No way, its perfect!!!!!
Reviewer: Michal

if it were a male I would be a homosexual
Reviewer: Greg Anda

Fresh nose, not very giving. Great fruity flavors on the palate with an emphasis on citrus. The finish lacks power and roundness, but this is a tasty shot.
Reviewer: Magyar Svensk

An excellent smooth Vodka from Finland. A good choice for the money..the Fins have it down.
Reviewer: Art Douglas

Great mid-priced vodka. Smooth and consistent. No strong bite when drunk on the rocks. No morning after head bangers like some of the other vodkas.
Reviewer: Rhonda Ziegler

It's smooth light and crispy with no aftertaste or that "Medicinal" thing. They use some kind of continuous pressure filtration process that seems to remove the taste of any impurities. There are only a few vodkas I've tried that can stand up to it but they cost three times as much.
Reviewer: Buddy Hall

I'm from Finland, so if you wanna count that as bias, be my guest... I actually hadn't drunk Finlandia so much lately, but I was pleasantly surprised when I picked it up! It really is very good vodka, with crisp, clean taste. Me (and my Russian guests) loved it neat and obviously it makes good drinks too.
Reviewer: Mikko

Yes, it's a great vodka. Smooth as silk, goes down like water: no burn, just the nice little bite in the end. Do yourself a favour: forget the marketing hype and plug into the real flavour.
Reviewer: Mikko

An absolutely outstanding product. Finlandia in a martini is pure heaven. One of 3 vodka's i will always keep at my bar. Has almost a sweet taste to it, wonderful flavour.
Reviewer: steve chelmicki

Finlandia vodka is 5 star vodka. It is great chilled in shots. Also makes a classic martini No bitterness or sweetness. Some best traits of this vodka is its balance, smoothness, and aftertaste of fresh breath of glacier air.Al;so now comes in a beautiful bottle.
Reviewer: Gary

This I enjoy; more than most brands at the same price point. The mid range vodkas always seem to go through peaks and valleys of price. I believe it has to do with how much is spent on advertising. Finlandia may start another aggressive campaign and the price may rise. The taste will remain the same. My rating will change.
Reviewer: Rowan

Very good. Clean tasting.
Reviewer: creep

Sweet ethanol smell. Medium thickness mouthfeel out of the fridge (not thick like potato vodka, not thin like Reyka, etc.). Taste clean; almost sweet. Smooth on the palette, with a warm peppery finish and aftertaste that doesn't overstay its welcome. I was expecting a Finnish vodka to taste more Russian than Scandinavian, but there were no 'bitters' noticeable. I think the column distillation they use contributes to the clean taste of this vodka. Overall, it's becoming my favorite 'everyday' vodka because, while not being the smoothest, or most flavorful, or most anything in any one category, it balaces all those traits excellently. I'll always buy different vodkas to try, and pick up special occasion bottles of H+S, Kettle One, etc. for something different for a change, but Finlandia will be a brand I always keep on hand.
Reviewer: S. Anderson

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