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Down Under

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Not the worst I've had but certainly not good. I'll never try it in a martini again, but mixed with something sweet it might be drinkable... Neat bottle design though.
Reviewer: Julian

Avoid this stuff like the plague, unless you enjoy drinking septic waste. I have tried MANY vodkas over the decades yet I may have to rate this as possibly the worst I have ever had the displeasure to try. It is definitely not worth the relatively cheap price, and if enjoy your vodka neat (straight, cold, no ice) then this is most definitely not for you. When drinking it in a mix, the taste is fairly transparent, but once the good times end this rum disguised as vodka (made from sugar molasses? that's RUM folks..) turns into a train-wreck and it all takes place in your head. I love vodka for many reasons, one of which is that it's clean, crisp, and doesn't give a hangover. Down Under is one major exception to this rule. I have not had hangovers this bad in all my life. Migraine inducing, even. Avoid at all costs. There are FAR better brands in the same price range. I don't think you could do much worse than this one. This will probably be the first bottle that I actually pour down the drain, as I wouldn't give this to anyone I consider a friend! Sorry Australia! AVOID!
Reviewer: Novashok88

It goes down very smoothly with pretty much no aftertaste. Will give you a hangover.
Reviewer: TJ

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