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Crater Lake Vodka

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Established in 1996, this American made vodka, filtered 10 times through charcoal and crushed volcanic rock, is light, fresh, exceedingly smooth, subtly crisp, and modestly flavorful with hints of vanilla. Unassumingly enclosed within a frosted glass bottle, Crater Lake Vodka is both batch numbered and initialed. Wonderful as a martini or highlighted with your favorite mix. Enjoy!
Reviewer: Brad Rawls

An avid vodka martini drinker, I chose this in a blind taste test over Grey Goose. And being that CL is a domestic (US) vodka at only 2/3 the price of GG, how could you go wrong? See for yourself!
Reviewer: todd_gamut@hotmail.com

As an avid Vodka drinker I was quite impressed with Crater Lake Vodka. Grey Goose has been my first choice when it comes to strait shots. Crater Lake is just as good, with a slight undesirable aftertaste, that disapates quite rapidly. Not to mention that Crater Lake Vodka is a lot cheaper than Grey Goose. This is a very impressive vodka.
Reviewer: J. Savoie

Outstanding vodka for both quality and extraordinary price point -- prefer it to any other for martinis or with tonic; but comes in a close 2nd to Hangar One for straight shots (though the latter is nearly 1/2 again the price).
Reviewer: JD Crane

The best tasting smooth vodka I have had.
Reviewer: JWright

This is an outstanding vodka that may suffer from an identity crisis. All the other top-shelf vodkas seem to have an aggressive marketing campaign or a pretty bottle to sell the product. Crater Lake is made in small batches and shipped in a rather plain bottle. Just the same, is measures up well against the big boys - as you can see here... http://martinirepublic.com/drinks.php/item/916
Reviewer: Bill Stephenson

I used to be a Greg Goose fan... but now I've been converted. This is a great vodka, from a local company in Oregon and each bottle is hand inspected with a written label, got to meet "ed" someday.
Reviewer: Ron Story

I Just recently discovered the joys of top shelf vodkas, and I must say this one beats ketel one, grey goose, and chopin, hands down. I discovered this on a trip to Bend Ore, the hometown of the Bendistillery. I was so impressed, I carried 5 bottles home in my carry on bag (pre liquid ban) and I have been seeking an online distributor ever since.
Reviewer: Sean J

I would agree with everyones comments on Crater Lake. Purchased it as a fluke - my girlfriend vacationed at Crater Lake as a child. So when we saw it on a shelf... It was the smoothed & cleanest vodka i had tasted. Plus it was made in this country. I won't use in my week day martinis cause the price was a little steep however i always keep a bottle on hand for say... the weekend. Really good stuff!
Reviewer: george

Even with all the other new artisanal entrants, Crater Lake is still extraordinary and even moreso since it remains such a bargain. Recently chosen as the house vodka for Enotria, the new food/wine driven chef owned restaurant in Seattle.
Reviewer: errico malatesta

What a treat! Very very smooth, nice aroma, and it has a distinct flavor. Must be due to the brief aging on oak. I like that it is U.S. made, hand crafted in small batches, and hand filled with the batch number on the seal. I drink it on ice. This, from a single malt Scotch and single barrel/small batch Bourbon man. Nice web site. Nick
Reviewer: Nick

I certainly believe this vodka merits a higher ranking. IMHO this is a very smooth, drinkable vodka. It is not bold or sharp. It draws attention to itself with its quiet attentiveness.
Reviewer: Jkott

Absolutely my favorite Vodka, frozen, and enjoyed slowly.
Reviewer: Marc Stoddard

Without a doubt the best vodka I have ever had - and reasonably priced. I can be tough to find though depending on where you live. My local BevMo (California) stocks it and just lowered the price to $25 but sometimes I have to ask for it at other stores.
Reviewer: Alan

Just had Crater Lake Vodka at biggest Vodka bar in So. Cal. Desert. All I can say is AMAZING. I now know why the Crater Lake Vodka outsells all their other 140+ vodkas!!
Reviewer: Hans

Smooth as silk with a excelent taste
Reviewer: wm kertzman

like drinking cold mountain air! imaging drinking ice cold water after wandering lost though the desert for days....its that refreshing. wish it was a little more affordable but hey the manufacturer knows they have a product worth the price. Oh hey will the webmaster fix the star rating on George's review... if you read it it's obvious he meant to give it 5 stars. lets move this vodka up the list!
Reviewer: Cody

For me, it's noticeably better than GG. And GG is great, so.....
Reviewer: Scott

Light, crisp, refreshing and very smooth with no bitter aftertaste like many other vodkas. Love it chilled straight up as a sipping vodka or mixed with tonic and fresh lime. What a refreshing beverage. And the price is a third of what you would pay for a higher priced brand.
Reviewer: Richard

Totally agree that Crater Lake Vodka is excellent. We had a Crater Lake Martini at Pacifica Restaurant in Palm Desert, which has +140 different brands of Vodka. Crater Lake is their best selling vodka.
Reviewer: BobMac

I heard about Crater Lake Vodka from a representative at a Costco in Southern California. Bought some. Best decision I have ever made. LOVE it! I am so happy to be an American enjoying an American vodka. Why would anybody buy Grey Goose? Overmarketed, overpriced, unAmerican, and not 1/2 as good as Crater Lake Vodka
Reviewer: Leisa

I think I am this Vodka's biggest fan! I love performing blind taste test on my friend's, who are self professed vodka experts, and watching their disbelief when they choose this beautiful elixir over Grey Goose. Smooth, clean, no bite and just plain awesome. Made in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Bend, Ore,
Reviewer: Ricktard

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