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Ciroc Snap Frost

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I was given a bottle of Ciroc Snap Frost Vodka for the holiday. I am not a vodka drinker, but Ciroc Snap Frost has changed my mind. I Love It. It is smooth and tasty. My compliments!
Reviewer: Ted

The best vodka ever created. Highly recommended to every one. I always make sure it's in the house. I have introduced it to a number of friends and they all love it!!
Reviewer: Kevin

Sweet and crisp, this vodka is quite good, with hints of grape and sweetness. It is technically not a vodka in America; however, it sure as hell is better than most "Vodkas" that many are accustomed to. Ciroc would be best for after a meal, or with sweets or fruits. An interesting Vodka nonetheless.
Reviewer: Dan Merritt

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