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WOW! I saw a Scottish vodka and a $31 price tag and was skeptical, but like a car wreak, had to see. It was fantastic. I usually have a bottle of Stoli in the freezer, but this one, at room temp, was smooth and rich. I really enjoyed it. A bit pricey so I'll make it a special occasion choice, but well worth it.
Reviewer: Scott Boyle

Like the other comments here, I too was amazed at the smoothness of this vodka at room temp. The only problem I have is that once the bottle has been opened, and you enjoy a bit; the smoothness is gone when you drink again a few days later.(an aging process?) Tried with 2 different bottles, and got the same results. Smooth when fresh, but...
Reviewer: Will Walker

Forget it. Scotts should stick with making scotch. This stuff aint that good.
Reviewer: BCS

I would like to say that this is the first Vodka I can drink at room temp. It has by far one of the smoothest finishes out there. I have a bottle of Stoli in the freezer and while that is a great vodka in it's own right, it doesn't even come close to Armadale for taste, smell and finish. Though, I guess it's not really fair to compare Armadale to Stoli so let me compare to another "SuperPremium" Vodka Grey Goose. IMHO, Grey Goose is overrated. While it is better than most midgrade/highgrade Vodkas out in the market it still has it's faults. As I said before suprisingly Armadale at room temp is great and very smooth, where as Grey isn't as forgiving. I will admit Grey chilled is great, but again I have tasted many Vodkas that are superior in everyway(Armadale) and don't get the credit they deserve.
Reviewer: Matthew

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