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Country: PolandDistilled from: RyeCompany: Millenium Imports
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The companion to Chopin, also a quality vodka. Not as good as Chopin at room temperature, but I thought it was better than Chopin frozen. Also, the bottle contains a very good indicator for when you've consumed too much. On the top of the corkpiece is a label seal with the words "POLISH VODKA". When you read this as "polish vodka" as opposed to "Polish Vodka", you should probably put it away. Contrary to what you may be thinking after reading "polish vodka", Belvedere isn't the greatest household cleaner...
Reviewer: Chad Johnson

Pleasant mild aroma. Crisp, clean and smooth, no bitter aftertaste. Very good chilled creating an almost silky smooth ride down the throat. Impressive frosted glass bottle, with cork cap forextra look of elegance. Excellent overall. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: Roger Haller

In my opinion, Belvedere vodka is the best tasting and smoothest vodka.
Reviewer: zieben

Here is another under-rated vodka that is quite good. This is a pretty good vodka chilled or at room temperature. I found it to be very smooth with no after taste.
Reviewer: Eric Vianovic

I would agree that Belveder Vodka is very under-rated. On some of the Grey Goose adds, they put Smirnoff above it. I feel that Belvedere is probably one of the best Vodkas in the world. It is very smooth and goes down easily not leaving a burning sensation. I feel it is best when it is slightly chilled.
Reviewer: Anonymous

Ok Vodka, but highly over rated. It is to rough., to hot and does not have the elegance that a top luxury Vodka should posess. If this were a standard priced vodka it would merit a 3 or 3.5.
Reviewer: Mike

I can't believe how harsh this Vodka is. After reading all of the reviews on it we thought it would be really nice. I don't recommend anyone purchase it, what a disappointment.
Reviewer: Tracy Smelton

I find Belvedere to be of very high quality. Smooth and refreshing. Definitely deserves a higher ranking than most give it. Polish vodkas rule!
Reviewer: supercat

Overrated Vodka. Great bottle but harsh. Not what I expected it's no Goose but more like Fris
Reviewer: The Box

I've been drinking Belvedere vodka for almost 9 years. It's a superb, smooth vodka. As good as any vodka in the world.
Reviewer: stephen

Good stuff. Extremely smooth on hte palatte, and slightly sweet. Finish was very nice, with just a bit of bite and heat to it, which I generally don't like but I found rather enjoyable with this vodka. It almost seems like a sacriledge with a luxury vodka like this, but it does make an excellent vodka tonic. I don't know if it could dethrone my favorite mixing vodka for flavor, Ketel One, but it can certainly mix stronger without becoming unpleasant.
Reviewer: Evan

I have to compare this to Chopin! Second only to Chopin and that is by the slightest of margin. Cleaner tasting and not as round. Smooth finish.
Reviewer: Pete Balistrieri

Opened first bottle today, I am for sure on the Belvedere fan club. IMHO, much smoother then Grey Goose.
Reviewer: Drew

Great, smooth, and delicious!!
Reviewer: Chris

the bad part about this vodka is that it goes down so smooth i can finish off a whole bottle in a night and at 26.00 it gets expensive
Reviewer: steve

This vodka is like off, with regards to it's taste. It is way over-rated. I would rather spend my money on a bottle or a shot of Grey Goose, Stoley's or Stoley's Gold, Kettel One or Rain.
Reviewer: BettyCatalina

Screw the Goose and all other likes. THE WORLDS FINEST!!! Bar none. Freeze it and drink it straight. I challenge any vodka drinker to do that and tell me it is not THE smoothest.
Reviewer: ndiezel


Tastes like a typical rye vodka, although nothing special in my opinion. If you like rye vodka, consider a cheaper brand.
Reviewer: Charmin Hassenfeffer

Well to be quite honest it wasn't all it is cracked up to be. I would drink it if it was free, which it was last night, but I do not think I would pay double for it (around $30USD for 700mL), compared to Luksusowa, which in my opinion is a lot smoother of a vodka. The bottle was nice but bottles aren't everything.
Reviewer: Tony

I found this vodka absolutely savaged my tastebuds and scorched my throat with its violent aftertaste. The most overpriced vodka I've encountered to date.
Reviewer: Martin Bishop

Once again this is not a bad vodka, but it is not a great vodka either. Not worth the price and far to harsh. Not recommended
Reviewer: Gavin

Smooth tasting, very satisfying. One of the best top shelves that I have experienced. Bye, bye Von Gogh, Chopin, Grey Goose! Hello Belve!
Reviewer: mignon

Hi! I'm from Poland and i have drank a lot of vodka brands. I can drink something and tell you is it chopin belweder sobieski luksusowa or anything else... But icant believe that someonecould say that belweder is hard to drink... its a vodka thats girlscould drink and not know what it is..... It is verry good and smoth...waiting for emails :) see ya!
Reviewer: dadziu

Smooth, elegant, but a bit too much medicinal bite for my taste. If only this vodka were a tad cheaper, I would stop dreaming about how to import Russian Standard..
Reviewer: Brian

Smooth, almost creamy taste, a hint of sweetness. Left a slight burn on the palate but was otherwise free of nasty aftereffects. All in all, a nice premium vodka, but a little overpriced in my opinion. Bottle comes with a nice cork cap. Not sure if this affects the flavor any, but it was a nice touch.
Reviewer: mal

Wonderful vodka. Smooth as silk and almost no burn. Tied with Ciroc for my favorite.
Reviewer: Dave

Smoother than the rest. Crisp, clean and fragrant. Enjoy your martini.
Reviewer: G. Wallace

The most overrated alcoholic beverage out there. Not at all impressed. I would take Stoli over this product any day.
Reviewer: Brittany

One of my favorite vodkas, I like this staight up over ice.
Reviewer: CJ

Great vodka from Poland. Not as good as Chopin, but close. Great in a Martini
Reviewer: Jeff

This is a great vodka for mixing. Nice and smooth. Just a little bite at the end to let you know it is there. Comparable to Grey Goose in overall quality...which is why this isn't top rated in my book. Although quite decent, when price is factored in, I can't rate it above 3 stars simply because much better vodka exists (Some smoother, some more flavorful), and often times at much cheaper prices.
Reviewer: Mike W

Taste isn't too bad, aftertaste okay, but it doesn't take much of it to give you a wicked hangover in the morning. Mixes decently, just be careful.
Reviewer: Hillary

My second favorite vodka (Teton Glacier being my fav). I drink Belvedere whenever I'm eating and/or drinking out (Teton is only available at home - bars don't carry it because it's not hyped up like many other vodkas). I can't believe some of the bad reviews I've read regarding Belvedere's smoothness and taste. Let's remember vodka is a neutral spirit - that is it's not supposed to have any color, odor, or taste with just the right amount of burn at the back or your throat. Belvedere is by far the smoothest vodka (next to Teton) when drinking it straight and mixes quite well also. I would also put it against any other vodka (save for Ceroc) for a clean nose (no strong medicine or alcohol smell). While Ceroc has the cleanest nose it tastes like grapes - not neutral. If you can't get Teton Glacier then Belvedere is the way to go!
Reviewer: Mike

had this in quantity for several days on a work trip to vancouver... smooth, nice texture and pleasantly sweet starchy taste, but a bitter finish... bottom line, not as good as luksusowa and more expensive lands it 4 stars.
Reviewer: EsocLucius

Medium butter nose, toasted almond, starch burlap, anise and pepper body, medium sweet finish. As far as Rye vodkas go, this one is a fair entry. A note, I taste all my vodkas straight, frozen *and* room temperature, hence I do not tend to review viscosity.
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

Belvedere is way too overrated and overpriced. The only thing I like about it is the bottle, but what a shame. The taste is too harsh and unrefined. IMO, Chopin is definitely the best because it is so elegant, then Pravda (clean finish), then Grey Goose (the pear-flavored one is quite good), then Ketel One or Ciroc. Would not ever buy Belvedere.
Reviewer: John

No complaints here. Mixes well with anything. Much better than grey goose or smirnoff! Definitely a quality vodka.
Reviewer: Dan

I helped my uncle move some stuff, in return he gave me a bottle of this stuff. It's not bad at all. Not really worth the price, but not bad at all. Along the lines of a Ketel One.
Reviewer: jmr

Ok, something fishy going on here. Some say smooth and some say awful. Any idea why this Heckle and Jeckle schizo rep? I love Belvedere savor it and enjoy it. Finally broke down and bought a bottle instead of only buying it in a restaurant, and darned if the bottle did not go bad half way through it. It was awful. Is it POSSIBLE that it has a shelf life? The only thing unusual that I did with it was to put it in the freezer. Would that make it go bad.
Reviewer: Bobbi

Tito's is the bomb! Made rite here T home,keep yo money at home and it's rated above all the rest.Trry it and agree it's the best,and a little princely.JFK
Reviewer: Jim

Belvedere hands down and by far the smoothest, best Vodka I have tried and I have tried many.
Reviewer: Nelson

With a large block of pure ice... Has never dissapointed me; nor have I ever woken up with a headache! Top n othc!
Reviewer: sander de koning

Now this Vodka is smooth when cooled below 20 deg F. It gets harsher as the temperature of the Vodka goes up. that being said, Vodka is suppose to be cooled down to the teens in temperature to enjoy in shots. That's why i give it a 4. The price is very high for a good vodka. If the price went down a bit, then i would be able to give that final star
Reviewer: Dlam01

Beautiful bottle, very good product. Solid as a martini, a mix or straight. Did well in our blind taste tests.
Reviewer: steve chelmicki

Vodka of choice
Reviewer: J.Radziwon

Perfect taste the best frozen
Reviewer: Pit

Better than average. Nice and clean.
Reviewer: creep

I concur with others who found it harsh. I finally tried it due to all the "smooth" reviews. In a stirred martini it does not compare to Grey Goose in my opinion. I had much less expensive vodkas that taste as good as this. Ok but not a big deal in my opinion. Even a bit medicinal-the stake in the heart to a vodka martini lover
Reviewer: Maxine

I concur with others who found it harsh. I finally tried it due to all the "smooth" reviews. In a stirred martini it does not compare to Grey Goose in my opinion. I had much less expensive vodkas that taste as good as this. Ok but not a big deal in my opinion. Even a bit medicinal-the stake in the heart to a vodka martini lover
Reviewer: Maxine

Buen vodka, limpio suave y muy neutro. Para saborearlo mejor meterlo al congelador y tomarlo solo muy frio.
Reviewer: David

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