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Country: PolandDistilled from: Rye, HerbsCompany: Komers International
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Purchased at the Goldwasser Museum in GdaƄsk - another haul from my recent trip to Poland, and another of the world's oldest vodkas! It's technically a nalewka, as it's infused with a "secret blend" of herbs. Pours crystal-clear, with many tiny (and real!) gold flakes suspended within. The smell is rich, yet subtle - cloves, smooth honey, and light anise or licorice. It's very sugary, and profoundly flavorful, with a steamy, smoldering sort of effervescence to it rather than a "burn". Clove, nutmeg, and anise fill the whole palate, and any bite comes from these herbs, not the alcohol itself. It tastes an awful lot like there's wormwood as well, but I can't be sure. The gold flakes add nothing whatsoever to the flavor, and feel a little strange on the tongue - it's clear they're only there for looks. The aftertaste is dangerously pleasant, with just a touch of sweet, thick licorice and zero resistance. This is not only something very impressive to look at or to show off, it's profoundly delicious as well! Yet again, I am left dumbfounded by the degree to which Polish vodka is so darn good. I only took off a star because, as gloriously tasty as it is, the 23k gold flakes make it exorbitantly expensive to buy any decent-sized bottles.
Reviewer: Sam W.

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