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Stawski Gorzka

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Country: PolandDistilled from: Rye, WheatCompany: Stawski
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One of a few Nalewki (traditionally infused vodkas) I picked up on a recent trip. Pours a dull orange-brown. Powerfully sugary on the nose, with notes of licorice, stale oranges, and a bit of mint. Tastes about the same, with strong hints of clove, except skull-numbingly sweet and sugary. This is like a bottom-shelf knockoff of Żołądkowa Gorzka, except it tastes very little like it and has more in common with Jagermeister or a 1:1 mixture of cough syrup and corn syrup. I couldn't even finish sipping this stuff without feeling a headache starting. As a substitute to jagermeister in a cocktail it could be good, but this is flat-out vile on its own.
Reviewer: Sam W.

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