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Anestasia Vodka

Reviews to date: 2Average score: 5
Country: USADistilled from: cornCompany: Numbrands Inc.
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Very smooth taste and the bottle is the coolest thing I've ever seen
Reviewer: Yuliya

This Oregon-made vodka is a gem. It comes in a very impressive bottle that looks something like a crystalline iceberg, that could definitely double as a doorstop, vase or defensive weapon when emptied of its contents. And the contents, well, they are superb. Tasted this vodka frozen and at room temperature, and in both instances it was a very smooth, creamy, subtle vodka. Gentle fruity notes and a rich mouth feel. Tasted side-by-side (science demanded it!) with Russian Standard, our 5-star freezer standby, and neither one gave ground. A great vodka, heartily recommended.
Reviewer: PR

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