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Zhitomirska Jubilee

Reviews to date: 1Average score: 4
Country: UkraineDistilled from: wheatCompany: Stanislavsky, LTD
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A near-nonexistent nose and a solid pour of alarming clarity. The texture is absurdly creamy and smooth, with zero alcohol taste - I'm not sure how to describe the core flavor. It's a bit like gelatin, minus any sweetness. The burn coming back up carries a sweet, caster's sugar like flavor with it. The bottle claims that this is "herb flavored" vodka, but I detect absolutely no spice or oily herbal notes. Perhaps a bit of minty coolness, but nothing more. Overall, for a random $15 find in a Polish liquor store in Chicago, I think I lucked out big time. I would buy this a LOT if it were available in my home state!
Reviewer: Sam W.

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