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New Amsterdam

Reviews to date: 5Average score: 4
Country: U.S.A.Distilled from: wheatCompany: Gallo
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great vodka.mixes with anything very well.really goes well with tonic.another low price, quality vodka, made in the u.s.a.
Reviewer: matt meskiel

poor tasting vodka, horrible after taste, very cheap tasting vodka
Reviewer: John

I personally think this is a great affordable smooth Vodka for its price range. I can take shots of this and not need a chaser, very smooth. Nothing like overrated Svedka that tastes like nail polish remover aftertaste.
Reviewer: Curt

Stunningly tasty. So smooth you think you had only ice in the glass. Pleasant vodka flavors, a perfect sipper. Me likey!
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

New Amsterdam is pretty smooth. It has a slightly bitter taste while swallowing and the burn, while very slight, lingers for a while. It's very well priced considering its quality. It's a pretty good vodka.
Reviewer: Aiden

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