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Gera Premium Vodka

Reviews to date: 1Average score: 5
Country: LithuaniaDistilled from: WheatCompany: Knight Intl. LLC
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I tried this elusive vodka for the first time last night. I saw a 96 rating on another site and it was a best buy also. Well, I have reviewed about 39 or so vodkas on this site and all I can say is....WOW! This new method which Gera calls the Octal method voids the vodka of any impurities, bad smells or any other offensive quality. It is pure heaven! The taste was slightly of nougat, creamy and just perfect. The finish captured my attention with a clean slightly cooling effect. This is no ordinary vodka, but rivals the best of the best I have EVER come across. This is the best vodka in the world, period. It should cost alot more, but like I said is a best buy! I will also add that you do not even notice a smell when you open the bottle. It could be sipped on its own without ice it is that smooth!
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

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