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Country: USADistilled from: CornCompany: Sazerac
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This is my favorite low budget vodka. Just as good as Smirnoff (which is kinda crappy in my opinion) but half the price. Not a world class vodka by any stretch of the imagination, but I'd you wanna get hammered and your broke this is it! Also, it doesn't bust my skull the next day like aristocrat, skol, and others....
Reviewer: Joe

Aroma is standard cheap vodka. Palate is simply cool grain followed by burn. Nothing special,but for $8 750ml this stuff is fantastic.
Reviewer: Evangelion2014

It's no Kettle One but for the price it mixes well and doesn't leave you fuzzy in the morning (depending on how much you drink. Lol). A good choice imho for a party or after dinner cocktail.
Reviewer: Real

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