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Yukon Winter

Reviews to date: 3Average score: 5
Country: CanadaDistilled from: Rye, Yukon Gold potatoes, malted barleyCompany: Yukon Shine Distillery
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The smoothest vodka ever created: Unlike most vodkas which have no taste whatsoever, this one has a distinctive flavour which is unparalleled. The finish is smooth beyond belief. This vodka is amazing on its own or mixed with anything.
Reviewer: Sarah

A smooth vodka with a awesome viscous finish, bravo, finally a vodka that is unflavoured that has flavour
Reviewer: Art

The perfect vodka for both cocktails and served neat. I've never tasted any better. Just wish I could get it here in the U.S. - maybe soon I hope. If you are lucky enough to live in Canada buy a bottle of this for yourself and one for me too :)
Reviewer: Peter

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