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42 Below Vodka

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Moderately full bodied. Rich plush texture,slightly oily. A very clean cleansing style with a refreshing finnish.
Reviewer: Jamie Macdonald

terrible vodka. Very oily texture. The aftertaste is terrible! I don't now qhat you guy are thinking.
Reviewer: logon barden

Fantastic vodka. I heard that it was voted number two in the world - should have been voted number one!
Reviewer: Jussie

This Vodka, like everything else that's made in New Zealand, is the best in the world.
Reviewer: Jon M

very drinkable & smooth great for a matini. Compares well with Wyborowa. they have just released a flavour feijoa-very unique.
Reviewer: Emma

A fantastic infused Vodka. Unique style and true to the flavor of the fruit
Reviewer: Shane McKillen

42 Below. . . .wow! Having a few now. Got to say that nothing else comes close.
Reviewer: Craig S.

the best vodka if not drink on the face of this planet cool race cars to
Reviewer: mikee

Sweet and oily. Sticks to your mouth.
Reviewer: Simon Labond

it gets me there !!!
Reviewer: steve lawrence

The best vodka in the world !!!!! Stays true to the pure quality of New Zealand
Reviewer: Kid Rock

A drinkers journey! Refreshing and not too hot.
Reviewer: Sam Corbond

Decent medium to full-bodied vodka. It has an oily texture and an unpleasant aftertaste that I don't really like. Give the guys at 42 Below ten years or so and they might be able to refine their distillattion process to get the product up to the level where top producers from Russia and Sweden have taken theirs. This product is not worth its premium price.
Reviewer: Charlie Sober

The pure is good, the flavors are amazing.
Reviewer: Siiri Forrest

I've had many in my life, some good and some not so good. 42 Below is by far the best. These Kiwi's are up to something good.
Reviewer: Michael Malek

This vodka is pretty average, neither worse nor better than other western vodkas. Judging by the number of praising comments after just one criticism, this site must be closely watched by its management. Well done guys!
Reviewer: John Bart

as good as any other premium brands but has a slightly harsh after taste comes in very odd flavours that are great for cocktail making.
Reviewer: dose

Well after all the rave reviews I decided to give her a shot. 42 Below is an appropriate name since on a scale from 1 through 10 I would give it -42! After three of these on the rocks I have never had a reaction from such crappy vodka. Sticking to Ciroc. 42 below wouldn't stand up to Smirnoff!!! This stuff is sickening. Another option for the death penalty , save the gas and electricity!
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

The feijoa is amazing stuff- one sip (especially bitter cold from the icebox)and your mouth does this incredibly, indescribable scrunch. Absolutely, and highly recommended as a space-taker in the freezer. Try it!
Reviewer: rocky dunmire

France-grapes-good vodka. New Zealand-good wines-now vodka. The fact that they have one of the funniest ads (win a russian bride) still keeps them kiwi. Stick to the wine. But if you are interested in vodka from wine region Exclusiv from Moldova will blow this one away for $20 a litter.
Reviewer: Serge

Great Vodka. Feijoa is a very tart and unusual tasting fruit, but it goes great in this vodka. However I prefer the 42 below Honey Vodka if I'm having it on the rocks.
Reviewer: MC

This tastes like a cheap well vodka, Yuck
Reviewer: Rich

These is neither the best or the worst vodka I've had as far as taste. It mixes pretty well in cocktails and I didn't find that it had an aftertaste. I normally drink Absolut or Ciroc with no hangover, but me and my husband both woke up with banging headaches after only 2 drinks with dinner. This is unheard of!!! Bottom line...we won't be buying this vodka any time soon...it's not worth the headache.
Reviewer: TC

I didn't think it was the worst tasting vodka in the world. It also wasn't the best but it was smooth and had a sweet, clean taste to it. Today, however, I feel sweaty, have a stomach ache and a horrible headache. I only had about 4 oz of it but I feel like I was at a college party.
Reviewer: MJS

Like everything else coming out of New Zealand truly excellent, not quite as good as some other vodkas like Beluga and the like but puts ones like smirnoff to shame. trying to get my hands on the Kiwi flavour at the moment, hopefully it'll be very nice :)
Reviewer: calum

Good show
Reviewer: barazd

42 below was the best until Bacardi bought it out. Now it is passable. Tito's is king now!
Reviewer: Thomas Brecher

This one is rather unremarkable, non deescript, pretty average really. OK so that's not too bad but it's really expensive for what it is imo, at about £23 for a 0.7L bottle in the UK. Yes it's miles better than Smirnoff red label but then, let's face it that wouldn't be difficult imo. This just tastes like a mass produced, basic vodka to me.
Reviewer: Nikki

Reminiscent of my early college days with the cheapest vodka we could get our hands on. It even has the 'rubbing alcohol' burn to boot.
Reviewer: Josh

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