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Beluga Vodka Gold Line

Reviews to date: 3Average score: 3
Country: RussiaDistilled from: grainCompany: JSC Synergy
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I've been drinking vodka for over 40 years and this is absolutely the best premium vodka. Smooth, silky, superb taste. It is 100% natural. Only 900, numbered bottles produced per day. Beautiful bottle, metal label and cork sealed with wax. You even get a hammer/brush to remove the seal. I discovered it while on the overnight train from Moscow to St. Petersburg and have never seen it in a US store. After discovering this site and found it wasn't included, I went online and found Beluga Gold on sale with free shipping. It should be here in 3 days. The anticipation is killing me!
Reviewer: Theresa

I would truly love to give this drink 5 stars but i'm going to knock off a star for the fact you'll have to sell your liver [hehe] to afford this stuff. Otherwise though it is easily the king of Vodkas, trully amazing; very smooth and crisp, no burn and very easy on the palate. Goes very well with a good caviar to! If you can afford it go for it otherwise i'd stick to the silver/noble line from Beluga!
Reviewer: calum

I have to admit to being a bit of a vodka drinker, it's all I drink and drink my share of it and have been drinking grey goose for a few years now, until now just bought a jug of Beluga and not sure I will be able to stop till its done lol very nice vodka
Reviewer: Vince

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