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Schramm Vodka

Reviews to date: 6Average score: 3
Country: CanadaDistilled from: PotatoCompany: Pemberton Distillery
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I added this vodka to the database and am frankly surprised it wasn't already here. Schramm is essentially Canada's answer to Chase Vodka - the distillery makes a point of deliberately keeping much of the potato flavor while trying to omit all of the undesired flavors. The result is a quite good vodka to have neat, even at room temperature. The negative is its price point, which is $50 solid for 750. Apparently it will be available in the U.S. soon.
Reviewer: Miles

Essentially the best vodka I have ever tried, best at room temp where the potato flavor really soars.
Reviewer: Anonymous

Insanely good vodka, among cold river as some of the best potato vodka we have all tried... the only downside is the price $50 but it would probably be cheaper if they sold it in NY
Reviewer: marley

Our group has been blind tasting chilled neat vodkas annually for nine years- we have tested over 80 different brands from the least to most expensive and every base including cucumber and pineapple. When the panel of eight testers came to this sample-(Schramm) half decided not to even taste it because the odor was so foul.If you can get past the worst smelling sample we have ever come across, the taste is average at best- The distiller claims there is no chance of a bad bottle (we did inquire)and that it is an attempt to create a true Eastern block country taste- All we can say is that it has the honor of being the lowest scored Vodka we have ever tested and won't be tested again- in fact, it will be poured out rather than drank.Incidentally- the winner this year was Maui Pau from Hawaii.
Reviewer: PKP

No idea what the above reviewer is talking about. I have personally tried at least a hundred different vodkas from across Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Bulgaria. Their focus is mostly on Neutral product. It appears he is looking for a neutral vodka. This is a Vodka that has to be reviewed on its own merit. It is definitely similar to what would have been popular in Old World Russian vodka that was distilled in primitive pot stills. Personally I find it a bit hot/burning - just borderlining too much for my liking - but the texture is very well rounded and it definitely resembles clean, fresh from the earth potato. Not a bad effort at all.
Reviewer: Remi

All in favour of supporting the artisanal guys, but this was not a good experience. I tried it at cellar temperature (55F). It had a vague diesel nose which continued into the taste and had we wondering if there was more than trace amounts of methyl alcohol left after distillation. Used it for cooking - it was fine however.
Reviewer: Donald

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