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Pyat Ozer

Reviews to date: 3Average score: 4
Country: Siberia, RussiaDistilled from: grainCompany: Alcohol Siberian Group, Inc
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the third most popular vodka in russia! it's incredibly smooth full of character that makes russian vodka great and is relatively cheap. it has a buttery smoothness and very slick mouthfeel. it doesn't have an aftertaste and doesn't dry out the mouth like poorer quality vodka. the whole experiance is excellent. slightly sweet, but not overbearing. a must try.
Reviewer: EsocLucius

For the price ($19USD/750ml), it's really hard to beat. On par with Stoli Gold (actually quite similar in flavor profile) for quite a bit less. I would say it is borderline premium vodka.
Reviewer: Tom

Beautiful, mostly-Cyrillic bottle. Smells clean and faintly grassy. Flavor is effervescent, slightly metallic and profoundly spicy - it's not so much a kick as a hard-edged stab, in the best way possible. After the delightful hot-pepper notes seemingly boil away, the aftertaste is near nonexistent, and the sheer drinkability is almost dangerous. It doesn't go down easy, but I like a little fight in my drinks. This vodka is full of distinct character, reasonably priced, and oh so gloriously Russian.
Reviewer: Sam W.

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