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Country: PolandDistilled from: WheatCompany: Polmos Lublin
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Gentle burlap grain nose, light hints of aged wheat and citrus in body, semi-short, sweet finish. Very nice mixed grain.
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

Part of a Polish vodka tasting event - this entry was put in to represent Gdansk region. Astoundingly clear and with zero traces whatsoever of sticky "legs" on the glass, as well as absolutely no odor whatsoever. The bottle has a pirate ship and a stormy sea on front, and this stuff tasted like getting struck by lightning - everything about it hits at once and with great delicious fury! Slightly under-ripe blueberry, a bit of lemon zest, and Smetana dominate the flavor profile, whereas the alcohol burn goes off like military ordinance without managing to singe the throat one little bit. This one really stood out to me, and I intend to pick up several bottles the next time I'm in Chicago!
Reviewer: Sam W.

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