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Pan Tadeusz

Reviews to date: 3Average score: 5
Country: PolandDistilled from: RyeCompany: Zielona Góra
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Named after a famous poem by Adam Mickiewicz, this is a splendid 100% rye vodka from Poland. Four times distilled but still full-bodied, very tasty and smooth, with a nice and clean smell. A delight.
Reviewer: Bogdan Petculescu

Excellent pure rye. Warm nose, hints of apple, flour and pear, medium mellow finish. Truly exceptional entry level vodka. Easily in my top 5.
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

This is a great vodka with some surprising qualities. Straight up it's full bodied with a clear rye flavour like the better Russian and Ukrainian vodkas. But Pan Tadeusz also has strong high notes that give it an " in your face" brightness. When mixed with ice or in a martini, the high notes disappear and a darker grain quality and subtle fruit textures become apparent. Truly an excellent vodka!
Reviewer: Mark

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