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Crystal Head

Reviews to date: 21Average score: 4
Country: CanadaDistilled from: Company: Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits
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Begin with a visit to the website and be sure to view the video with Dan Ackroyd. Then purchase a bottle, freeze and evaluate for yourself whether it's over hyped, or actually quite good. When the bottle is empty, put a candle in the bottle opening, and decorate your pad with it. Then repeat the process.
Reviewer: Ralph Adye

I love good vodka. Crystal Head is not good vodka. I wanted to try it but refused to pay the stupid price and then got a bottle on sale. What crap. Certainly not good enough to drink straight and barely good enough to mix. I paid the price for the container, which is the only good thing about this vodka. I don't understand why it keeps selling. People who appreciate good vodka will not buy it more than once, and people who do not know good vodka will not pay the inflated price.
Reviewer: Tess

smirnoff grade vodka in a cool container that's overpriced = 2 stars... honestly that's generous... i drink vodka straight, room temp for judging and this was harsh stuff, even with ice in it half melted it was still rough! luckily, i didn't fork over the $57.95 for the bottle so i feel great in that regard.
Reviewer: EsocLucius

Light citrus nose, hints of almond and fresh harvest wheat in body, fairly neutral medium finish. While I wouldn't recommend this as a full bodied vodka, it has good clarity and polish, and remains balanced between nose and palate. The bottle, however, *is* a work of art. If you wish to pay extra, and would otherwise buy Grey Goose (not recommending that) I would say go for it, atleast once. For the spirit, not as much.
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

I don't understand the low ratings for Crystal Head on this site, because this is the finest vodka I've had the pleasure of drinking, and I've tried a lot of them. It's like drinking spring water with a very slight cooling burn, and a sort of sweet aftertaste. Probably as close to flavorless as you can get if you are into that with vodkas. Worth trying once just for the super cool bottle, and if you don't want to keep the bottle, about 50% of your cost for it can be recuperated by selling the empty bottle on eBay. Yes, people want the bottle just for its looks.
Reviewer: Jason

This is the best I've had in terms of being totally tasteless, no burn, no after taste. Vodka is a new interest of mine, and I've only sampled 8 so far. Maybe my tastes will change, but this is the best so far.
Reviewer: Joe Scott

I love this vodka! It's a clean and neutral vodka with very little bite. I can't buy this very often due to it's hefty price tag but the empty bottles are great decorative pieces. ;)
Reviewer: Jennifer

THIS IS A TERRIBLE VODKA!!, Overpriced, bitter, burning to the throat and nasal passages. I'd rather drink skol
Reviewer: joel bellemare

Sure, it's expensive, but unlike 90% of the other high end vodkas, this one is worth the price. Great packaging, yes, but at least the product inside stands up to the hype. Bust this out for special occasions.
Reviewer: Lazarus

This is a very basic, very pure Vodka. Noticeable notes of vanilla and citrus. No additives, 4x filtered and pure newfie water... Tingles the lips, spices the mouth and warms (not burns)the throat...my ideal vodka. I can't comment on it as a mixer as I don't mix my Vodka. Still, this little gem is in my top 3. People seem to either love it or hate it but for me, it is a staple around my place.
Reviewer: John

the reviews on this site for Crystal Head make me worry a little for the quality control where it is produced, some people talking about burn and disgusting flavour and "smirnoff grade" - the bottle I tried certainly was nothing like that! What I tasted was smooth and delicious with no burn what so ever. I drank it both on ice and neat at room temp and enjoyed both methods. One of the more expensive vodka's I've tried and while the vodka is delicious, your probably adding on an extra $10 for the bottle...still I'm sure I'll be buying a second!
Reviewer: Chris brannigan

This Vodka is divine. One of my top 2 Favorites. Smooth at room temperature or chilled. Makes perfect martinis (specifcally Vespers and Dirty). I have never mixed it with OJ or Red Bull, I imagine it woudlnt be bad, but I feel this vodka should be held to a higher standard then using in a average mixer or cocktail. Very minimal burn which can be described as almost pleasant in this case and for me it left a slight citrous after taste which was very welcomed. Props to Mr. Aykroyd

A pleasantly smooth vodka, but with little character besides a very slight creaminess. If a clean taste is what you're after, stick to Ketel One - you'll get the same quantity of vodka for less than half the price of a bottle of Crystal Head, with no obvious sacrifices as far as quality is concerned.
Reviewer: Dan Coffey

Very expensive for what it is. I guess you pay for the nice bottle. I bought two bottles, and I was very disapointed, sure it's good vodka and far superior than the majority of vodka's, but far behind Russian Standard, Stoli, Chopin or Grey Goose. Has for the bottle I turned one into a lava lamp and the other into a water bottle for the table.
Reviewer: Arriflex

Of course, the bottle is absolutely incredible and needs no elucidation! On the nose, it's subtly astringent and antiseptic - not bad, but not inviting either. It looks utterly indistinguishable from distilled water, with none of the luminescent clarity of top-shelf vodkas or inviting impurity of hand-crafted mid-shelf entries. The first bit of flavor is chewy, buttery, and thin/watery with light blueberry notes, followed by a white-hot ignition of alcohol with moderate burn that intensifies as it goes down. This vodka doesn't sit well with my stomach, despite tasting quite a bit better than "okay". Overall, this would merely be one of the better lower-mid-shelf vodkas out there if it weren't for the cool bottle it comes in. I received this as a gift from a friend, which I'm glad for; based on flavor alone, I'd feel ripped off otherwise. 3.5 for the vodka, 5 for the presentation.
Reviewer: Sam W.

Very smooth but lacking in flavour. Did ok in our blind taste test. Great gimmick with the crystal head bottle. For the price stick with chopin over this.
Reviewer: steve chelmicki

This is a truly terrible vodka. I would put it on the same level as Skol, Kamchatka, and Dark Eyes. It's an exceptionally harsh vodka, and for it's claim of being filtered a great deal of foul peat flavoring comes through. I believe the point of vodka is to be as close to flavorless as possible, and am aware that especially expensive vodka is a scam. It's just ethanol. It's filtered it to remove the oils that are left over from fermentation that cause it to taste foul. Ketel One or Stoli are my personal favorites, though the quality isn't honestly much greater than Svedka at half the price.
Reviewer: Ryan L Bottorff

Better than average but not worth the $50 pricetag. This is $30 vodka at best.
Reviewer: creep

nice bottle vodka bad tastes like medicine
Reviewer: lloyd

Tasteless, smooth, clear, amazing. Not what some of these bad Reviews are saying. Top Rate Vodka
Reviewer: Matt

Crystal Head is simply great vodka, especially if you like a slightly sweet taste in vodka. Very little burn, no bitterness, extremely smooth, no offensive smell and a pleasantly sweet aftertaste (but not strong enough to ruin the vodka experience). However, the price is definitely extremely high. I rated its quality alone; it would get a 0 for value. There are other vodkas that match the quality and charge much less for it, so I'd say buy Crystal Head only as a guilty pleasure for special occasions.
Reviewer: Aiden

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