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Americana Luxury Vodka

Reviews to date: 2Average score: 5
Country: United States of AmericaDistilled from: (wheat, barley, rye, corn)Company: Laird and Company (NJ)/Empire (NY); R & R (NJ); +
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Americana is an unflavored, grain vodka (wheat, barley, rye, corn), actually made in New Jersey at the Laird and Company plant. Water sourced at 300 feet below sea level, 4x distilled, 7x charcoal filtered. It has an American flag looking bottle with a red, clear and blue design, so it's different than the "frosted" look. Smooth taste and heck, it's American...I thought it was worth a shot (pun intended). (Got info from www.americanavodka.com)
Reviewer: Todd

Definately smooth! Crystal clear with a hint of citrus taste. A little sweet but clearly a superior made vodka.
Reviewer: Craig Deitchman

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