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Country: USADistilled from: CornCompany: Opulent Brands
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Wow! This vodka blows away all the competition. It could easily be the most perfect distillation in the world. The nose on this is unlike anyother vodka, very light, airy with the faintest smell of sweetwater taffy. No bad odors at all. The entry is so smooth and creamy that I swore it was a vodka milkshake! No burn that is evident with so many other vodkas. The taste was of a sweet viscous nature, but not cloying. As if that was not enough, the ending was touched with a little vanilla and fruit. Really, all I can say honestly is to try for yourself. American made with mid-west corn. Opulent blows away the import crowd. Our first truly super premium brand at a super discounted price! Oh, no hangover at all. Lack of filtering retains all the spirits character. Amazing stuff.
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

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