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360 Vodka

Reviews to date: 15Average score: 4
Country: USADistilled from: Company: Earth Friendly Distilling Co.
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Hello fellow vodkaphiles! Just tried this vodka last evening after reading rave reviews. Well, here is another. The aroma from the bottle was of a pleasant floral character, no bad aromas. Tasting was an adventure as I truly believe now that America is producing the best vodkas available. It reminded me of a slick,fresh fade of powdered sugar, however not cloying, and a finish of caramel ever so remote,albeit apparent. The body was just right, not that overly creamy stuff you oh so often get from overseas vodkas. All in all 360 was refreshing, hangover proof and best in an extra dry martini. Don't add vermouth, is my motto. As I stated earlier, America is coming out with true winners. Save your tastebuds and money by not buying an import! This is great vodka at a great price. It's green angle and bottle are really cool too! A must try......Mr.Vodka
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

Very good vodka, but not the best.
Reviewer: Richard

360 is billed as an eco friendly vodka. That's great, but this vodka left me disappointed in what counts...taste. It wasn't horrible, but coming from my home state, and having been given great reviews, I was rooting for it, and hoping for it to be great. I tried this straight, and with orange juice. To me, sipped neat, the flavor was too medicinal. Although still relatively smooth, it just didn't seem refined enough to warrant the "premium" label that everybody seems to hype it up as. It reminded me of Absolut in flavor, but less harsh. Maybe a little pepper and citrus in the background. With orange juice, the flavor of the vodka didn't add to the drink in any way. The medicinal taste was still there, and compared back to back with Tito's Handmade Vodka, 360 was clearly the inferior vodka. So despite the lack of bite at the end, and somewhat smoother nature of the drink compared to bottom shelf brands, the taste up front is lacking enough for me to rate this as a 3, especially when factoring in price. Ketel One and Tito's are better for the money.
Reviewer: Mike W

I found this vodka a bit on the vile side. Harsh, with a definite rubbing alcohol smell. The grain is just too overpowering and leaves a bitter aftertaste. But it is enviromentally friendly. Just can't compete....
Reviewer: Hillary

the provincial liquor board has delisted this product so it was quite cheap, only $30.xx not bad, but zodiac was better. it has a sweet smell with some fruity tones. that sweetness carries over into the drink itself, though it's bitter. that's where is scores low points. it's finish does not justify its original $50.xx price tag. it is better than grey gooose though, but that's not hard.
Reviewer: EsocLucius

Initial impression when I first opened the bottle is that it smells like rubbing alchohol. Fortunately, drinking it was a much more pleasant surprise. Very neutral and flavorless, it reminded me of Tito's, at least the in-mouth feel. Unlike Tito's, it goes down much better, with a very mild burn and a much better aftertaste. This vodka tastes like what Tito's should have been, IMO, with all the positive reviews and comments I have seen about Tito's. Unfortunately, 360 is pretty hard to find in my area, and is also a bit pricey.
Reviewer: Jason

I just did a review on how bad Tito's vodka is, so I felt that I should rate my all time favorites. 360 has all that vodka need to be going on, suttle flavor and smoothness without being overly sweet. Try a nip and see. If you like your vodka straight-up and enjoy it for what it is, you'll fall in love with 360.
Reviewer: GMD

Absolutely excellent vodka. If you complain of alcohol smell/taste in a hard liquor that is not aged in oak, then you are an idiot. It is ethanol, which is chemically different than isopropyl. Some variants of vodka contain a smell that is similar to isopropyl, but it is not the same. 360 is smooth, great ehanol taste, good on the nose and throat. Not harsh at all. Not grey goose, but then again it's not trying to be goose or belvie (the obligatory reference vodkas). The eco marketing didn't get me, being home grown in MO did. Stay away from the sweetend, flavored stuff...bleh. I have no problems finding it for less than $15/bottle here in Columbia, MO. Not the best money can buy, but pretty damn close.
Reviewer: Jason

I have tried almost every vodka under the sun (in the USA), from dirt cheap to wallet breaking. 360 vodka is astounding in that it mixes extremely well, and all of their flavors are incredible (I have had 6 different flavors, and each are fantastic), even as shots by themself. I have not had the straight, unflavored vodka so I cannot review that. But, if you like flavored vodka, you can never go wrong with 360, especially their double chocolate which is just delectable.
Reviewer: Matt Brown

I love it, never gives me a hang over
Reviewer: T.j.

I'm not a vodkaphile, just an occasional drinker. But 360 is the smoothest I've ever tasted. Love vodka & tonic, vodka & OJ. 360 mixes imperceptibly and adds the right punch. All this plus the neatest bottle on the market!
Reviewer: Ed Roby

i am/was a confirmed gin martini drinker. I decided to venture into the vodka dark side of martini drinkers.Since there's not a lot of of ingredients, the vodka makes the drink. I sampled many varieties over the past year, and 360 has become my go-to brand. If only I could find a use for the double chocolate sampler bottles I've accumulated.
Reviewer: Anthony Iorfida

This is most refreshing! I tried Peach and drink it with water and juiced lemon. I've never had auch a wonderfully refreshing drink. What a great Vodka and Company!
Reviewer: Horselover39

I know my vodka--potato to grains. I love 360. It has an excellent smooth taste on the tongue. The aroma is pleasing and light. Excellent mixer but I like mine on ice. Try it!
Reviewer: Gloria

I saw this in the double chocolate on sale at a liquor store where I was ordering online to pickup at the store (central NJ). When I saw the price of these and that they were being discontinued, I pounced. That would make enough supply to keep me going with a very specific cocktail that I wanted to make again. I am not one to buy a bunch of different liqueurs for mixing into cocktails, and sometimes I need just a tiny bit for an obscure recipe (like something with Chartreuse or Benedectine). Also I do not like artificial. Most of the flavoring liqueurs such as melon, cacao, sour apple, etc. are just constructed junk. Well, I thought the perfect way to use this was for my beloved and neglected 20th Century cocktail. So, I took the plunge. Well, here I am happily able to enjoy this fabulous classic cocktail and mix this into it instead of creme de cacao which is usually fake, fake cheap booze. Not this. Whoa! Sub half of the gin with this and add this instead of the creme de cacao, then lemon and dry vermouth. Now, pour into a hoity toity stemmed glass, put on some film noir and feel as though the world is your oyster. Actually, I had one of these while having some crackers and spread and I am eyeing my shaker to make another for the long haul. This substitutes a beautiful, rich smelling chocolate creamy decadence into cocktails that call for creme de cacao, chocolate cream liqueurs, and I bet this would do great in espresso martinis. Do not kid yourself. This stuff is amazing. I bet it would be able to work in white russian cocktails as well. The world is my oyster. (slurp)
Reviewer: wendybinnj

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