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Slava Ultra Premium Vodka

Reviews to date: 5Average score: 4
Country: UkraineDistilled from: rye, wheatCompany: Zlatogor
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even at room temp. this vodka impresses. it's incredibly smooth, with a bit of dryness. there is virtually no afterburn at room temp, and absolutely none from the freezer. it tops other premium vodka's out there and is only 29.80 canadian, should roughly run 18-20 USD. it, unlike some other mass marketed "premium" brands is actually premium and deserves to wear that label. its currently only available in canada in the NA market. enjoy!
Reviewer: EsocLucius

Ultra smooth and can't be beat for the price. No burn out of the freezer. Makes a fantastic icewine martini.
Reviewer: Cali

Nothing beats it. We tried a taste test with 10 friends at home and it won against many vodkas that were more expensive. Plus it's only CDN$33. Versus almost $50 for other good ones.
Reviewer: John Walsh

This Vodka is very smooth. It's very soft and plush on the palate to begin, then opens up into your senses. You can then feel it start to warm you. No burn or sharpness just a nice warming sensation. It leaves a soft vanilla or toasted almond feel on the finish. Fantastic!
Reviewer: Alison Bajona

I have tried many vodka,s over the years this was one of the worst I hade in a long time I tried it at room temp and out of the freezer it is knot smooth it taste like rubbing alcohol would not be buying it again or recommending it to a friend
Reviewer: Gino

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