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a nice wodka from poland, with a straw of grass in it.
Reviewer: J.E. Doesburg

My roommates and I in poland drank this vodka religiously. Not only does it have a lovely aroma, probably as a result of the strand of grass inside the bottle, but it makes a great mix on the rocks. The choice of drink is zubrowka and apple juice shaken, which has a moderately sweet taste and slight kick.
Reviewer: Rob

a very smooth vodka suitable for shots has a grassy after taste.
Reviewer: StonedWookie

You got to try it from the freezer with a dash of Ginger Ale and ice. Then all you got do is sit back and enjoy. The Ginger Ale lets you keep that aromatic taste and blends much better, with this Vodka than Apple juice.Which I think hides the true classic taste of this great vodka. PS.let us know your view on this mix.
Reviewer: Del Hickey

No juvenile or banal reviews,it said. I´ll stick to that, respecting those who run this site. However, I am surprised not to find the Zubrowka ranked among the top. Russian interests or a matter of taste. Pardon my bluntness, but I am stunned.
Reviewer: Peter Brejcha

This is absolutely the best vodka I have ever tasted. I spent the summer in Poland and it was heaven to drink every time I could. It is awesome with apple juice (called a "Taganka") or good on the rocks with soda. No hangover. Wonderful stuff. Where can you get it in the States?!?
Reviewer: David McVey

An excellent flavored vodka from Poland, every bottle comes with a straw of bison grass floating in it that lends a wonderful cinnamon warmth to the drink and also invests it with a strange green color. Drunk straight this is an excellent and very affordable vodka. However, due to its already strong flavor, it's best to mix it only with correspondingly warm flavors like ginger ale or apple juice. It's also a little on the sweet side for my taste and the flavor might not suit everyone, so if you're looking for a straight up pure vodka look elsewhere.
Reviewer: mal

Reviewer: JAT T

A very interesting vodka that (until today) I'd only drunk in Revolution with apple juice. Straight it's got a nice astringent 'cut grass' aroma and feels warming in the mouth. The flavour is slick and herby more than spicy but the warmth comes through at the end.... In cloudy ginger beer it's flavour shines through more than just being ginger beer+alcohol.
Reviewer: Jon Lopez

Normally I'm not a fan of flavoured vodkas but this stuff is Fantastic! just a hint of the Bison Grass flavor in it, doesn't over power the excellent vodka it's made with like most other flavoured vodkas. The light grassy taste and aroma adds beautifully to the drinking experience. Even in the middle of winter, every time I have a sip, it mentaly brings me out into the middle of a country grassy field . very soothing, I find that the flavor is almost addictive.Love the stuff!
Reviewer: MadMax2012

Absolutely delicious with apple juice. But be careful because before you know it the bottle will be empty
Reviewer: Jeff

It is impossible to buy enough Zubrowka to last. I get to Poland for work from time to time, and always have to fill orders from friends ... last time came back with 10+ litres of the stuff. (It's not easy to find in NL, and costs at least twice as much) The taste of the bison grass is present, but still subtle. I generally prefer to drink vodka neat, which is a problem with such a tasty brand. Watch out, or you might find yourself finishing the bottle without meaning to. Recommended as a change of pace for those who prefer non-infused vodka, or for those who need to see another side of vodka (ie, those who insist they'll never touch the stuff)
Reviewer: MMP

A delicious vodka from Poland, which to me has almost a sweetness to it, likely from the strand of Bison Grass. Wonderful with apple juice, and even the typical mixture with coke can have (in the right ratio) an almost coconut-y flavour develop.
Reviewer: Cameron

Warm coconut nose, complex body of vanilla, peppercorn, coconut, apple, and pear body, aromatic finish with a hint of wheat on the palate. On my 20th bottle in the past few years, this one is a mainstay in my freezer. I save each blade of grass from the previous bottle for the next, at some point the grass/vodka ratio will be unbalanced XD. Delicious aromatic vodka.
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

Probably my favourite vodka to drink on its own at room temperature. It also makes very good vodka and cokes. A couple of my friends who detest most vodkas are also big fans of Zubrowka, as it has almost no bite. For what it's worth, I hear it does not mix well in caesars; however, I never drink them myself.
Reviewer: Rob GN

Surprised at all the good reviews. Smells like rubbing alcohol. Tastes marginally better. Not terrible if in a mix, but not great either.
Reviewer: Joy

This is a great vodka for sipping neat. It has a smooth clean taste with a slight sweetness, no burn here.
Reviewer: Darren Schiffer

Always have loved this stuff, the distinct taste is a pleasure for the palate. For people who love strong tasting wodkas.
Reviewer: Granaat

The Best Polish Vodka This is perfect, not flavored exactly, but a whiff and slightly. Tastes very smooth, no after burn like a lot of Polish vodkas. I'm referring to the original Zubrowka Bison Grass vodka, there's a couple out there that call themselves similar names. Stay away from Baks Bison Grass, terrible.
Reviewer: Joe Scott

Lovely nose--fresh and complex with a subtle outdoorsy aroma. Sharp orchestrated attack on the palate that surprises with its complexity and flavor without tasting "flavored." Tingly and numbing with a resonant finish.
Reviewer: Magyar Svensk

Absolute amazing wodka with a smooth taste. Best wodka I've ever had.
Reviewer: Joshua

I have never been a Vodka fan, until now. This vodka was bought under the advice of one of my Polish colleagues at work during our trip to Poland and what a treasure it turned out to be. I like it neat and at room temperature because that is when all the flavors of coconut, lemon etc come out. It is very smooth. Did not like it with ice since the flavors seem to disappear that way. I think it is better than most of the blended whisky in the market. Much smoother and a lot more flavor.
Reviewer: Raj

After three long years of searching, I stumbled upon this nectar of the gods right in my own hometown, in a liquor store so shady that their sign was ready to fall over into the street. Poured ice-cold into a small crystal shotglass. The smell is utterly intoxicating - buttery roasted caramel, fresh haybales, and walnut dominate the nose. It has the palest, subtlest tinge of yellow-green to the color, but is still clear and luminescent as any other premium vodka. Oh, the taste! Niebiański! The overwhelming alcohol present in all vodka just serves as a vehicle for delivering surging waves of mint, coconut, toffee, and a finishing splash of heat like white pepper and parsnips. It doesn't sit well at all with an empty stomach, but this is meant to be paired with a feast and friends. Truly one of the best vodkas in the world, and still my favorite. For all you quintuple-distilling, corn-and-grape-mash burning heathens out there, THIS is what real vodka is all about. If Poland had a flavor, this would be it.
Reviewer: Sam W.

I first tried Zubrowka many years ago and liked it immensely, but tired of it before the bottle was empty. Now I have a new bottle and the result is the same. It does have a unique flavour, but that said, it IS flavoured vodka. The grass is a lovely aroma, with hints of cinnamon and a slight burn. But it is not, by any means, a really good vodka. For true vodka drinkers, it's a gimmick.
Reviewer: Mark

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