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Really smooth, no odor or fumes and no burn. Great Vodka!
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

picked this up a couple weeks ago, i've normally got Luksusowa and Slava on hand for guests, whether they want potatoe or grain, generally got it covered! this is a potatoe vodka from the USA, and unlike some other premium brands Made "for" the US market, this is actually a premium vodka. very low odor, but can still detect some starch mixed with sweetness. it glides in and down, has a nice mouth texture, well bodied. it's taste is buttery smooth and mellow, there is a mild bit of starch, but very little, though i can tell it's a potatoe vodka. the aftertaste is very pleasant, unlike the Gander brand. highly recommended.
Reviewer: EsocLucius

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