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White Russian Gold

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I drank this vodka in Russia, very good. Is it sold in US.?
Reviewer: Prairie Riley

Best Vodka I have ever had. Brought 3 bottles back from Russia. I am looking for someone who imports this to the US
Reviewer: John

Yes its sold in the US. I stock it at my store in NY. Its a ultra premium vodka that's distilled 10 times. Very smooth, $18 per bottle 750ml.
Reviewer: Diamond

I love this Vodka. I first tasted in Moscow. Smooth, and slight hint of wheat sweetness. The smell is very pleasing. 5 Stars. I love excellent Russian Vodkas, and this is one of my favorites!
Reviewer: j

By far, this is the best vodka on the market at an unbeatable price! I've tried all sorts of vodkas - Ciroq, Grey Goose, Vox, Fris, etc, just to name a few, but the Russian White Gold vodka is untouchable. It's wheat base isn't hard on the stomach and it won't trigger 'acid reflux' if you have that problem like I do. 10 times distilled!! I still can't believe it. Unlike those other brands where you pay more simply because of the name, you are definitely getting your money's worth for white gold - it truly is the Ultra Premium Vodka.
Reviewer: shawn

The best. Great Price!
Reviewer: Mike

This is one of the best vodka's I've ever had...AND for the price, what a steal!! I bought in NJ
Reviewer: Tom

i been drinking the vodka for 4 years the best on the market love the price ,,,katy,tx
Reviewer: shelia flores

One of, if not the best, vodka I drank while living in Moscow. Found it at a Russian market near me in Los Angeles. A great buy and better taste/quality than any 'top shelf' imposters. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: A. Risty

I have only had this vodka once. Unquestionably the SMOOTHEST vodka you will ever drink. I had heard great things about Chopin, but White Gold is smoother. It makes an exquisite martini base. It does not bite, and costs less that Chopin, Grey Goose and all the high-end brands. Everyone has a different standard when searching for the 'best.' How fast it gets you tippsy, or what kind of hangover does it leave? These are questions I can't answer. But if you want a smooth 80-proof liquor that goes down smooth like icewater, this is the ONE.
Reviewer: David Amezcua

I can't say I'm one who could differentiate vodkas, beyond terms like strong or biting, but, White Russian is by far the smoothest I've tasted. I'm very restricted on what alcohol I can drink because I am very prone to migraines. This is the only alcohol (this brand) I can have more than one drink and have no issues. It's a real jewel!
Reviewer: Lynn McIntyre

Best Vodka on the market. Forget Kettle One or Grey Goose, Absolut etc., this is the best on the market. If you live in Houston or Austin, Dallas area you can find it at Spec's.
Reviewer: Shan

No doubt my favorite Vodka- it's one of the only (if not THE only) alcohol that doesn't give me a headache. It's hard to find in bars, since they're all pushing Ketel One, Belvedere, Grey Goose, etc.,. Try it!
Reviewer: Lynn Mc

Best vodka I have ever had, I wish I could fine a seller in Australia. I had it 11 years ago in Russia and still cannot find it anywhere.
Reviewer: Ryan

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