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Viking Fjord

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The only Scandinavian brand of 'Slavic' style vodka. In Norway, this should be your choice if you drink vodka with zakuski.
Reviewer: Kjetil Aamann

Fantastic vodka!!probably the best i've ever tried, pure and fresh taste and glides down your neck with a smooth kick.
Reviewer: oskari

Runs neck and neck with Kettleone but, by no means is it the best vodka I have ever tasted. C'mon now. I bought mine with a $5.00 rebate so the price was fantastic, even at regular price it is a bargan and decent...juat not great.
Reviewer: Brad S.

Smooth and crisp. Close to Absolut. Better than Luksosowa (another potato). Beats out Svedka. Price belies quality.
Reviewer: Erik Nice

Better than Russian, Finnish and Swedish Vodka, I tried them all !
Reviewer: Vic

Grain vodkas dont stand up to potato and for the price this is the best potato vodka out there. 6 times distilled... In my opinion, better than chopin!
Reviewer: mark

This is GREAT vodka. I rated many vodkas on this site and I will say that this one , by far, is better than Luksusova and Chopin. Vikingfjord is the BEST! Smooth, true potato taste, no afterburn. Best of all, it is perfect!
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

This is one of the best vodkas I have tried. Plus it is cheap. Only $15.99 for a 1.75 at my liquor store. I know many people compare it to Absolut or Ketel but I think it is even better than Grey Goose.
Reviewer: RoadRashTX

A smooth vodka at a great value!
Reviewer: mark kiefer

After reading the reviews here on VF- I decided to try it. Hey this stuff is really good, as smooth as many here costing much higher on initial taste, while later going down as clean as silk- easily an unknown high quality Vodka at a bargain price.
Reviewer: Peter

Pleasntly surprised--extremely pleased. A potato vodka to boot! An absolute diamond in the rough. A low price should pursade you that this less than top-shelf quality and taste. My initial doubts were erased with my first sip of this wonderful livation.
Reviewer: Jimbo

Viking Fjord is one of the best vodkas on the market. A smooth, pure potato vodka taste. There maybe as good a vodka, but not a better one.
Reviewer: Brett Reid Johnson

Very, very good and flavorful. It tastes better than Svedka; but for some reason is harder on the head and is more likely to give you a headache if you indulge in more than two average-sized drinks.
Reviewer: Craig Enfield

This vodka is extremely smooth. You wonder how they assign prices to the numerous vodkas out there. I have tried them all and forget about the price, this vodka is right up there with the best.Do not be fooled by marketing and try this one.
Reviewer: bron keller

I will not say its better than Luksuswova but I will say it is different. if you want something smoother with less kick, this is the best bang for the buck out there, however, if you want something with more flavor/kick and a tad more expensive, Luksuswova is the one. Because of the reasonable price I give Vikingfjord 5 stars. Otherwise I would have given it 4 stars because I prefer vodka with more kick/flavor like Luksuswova. Both Luksuswova and Vikingfjord get 5 stars from me.
Reviewer: Hpar

This is the best priced, ultra-smooth, great tasting vodka out there. Is it the potatoes, the water, the extensive distillation process, or the whole package? Three cheers for the Norsemen!
Reviewer: The baron

Really great stuff. Crisp, potato goodness. Perfect for mixing, and tasty straight up.
Reviewer: Kiel Christianson

Very smooth, very clean... one of the best I've tried.
Reviewer: Watcher

I really enjoyed this smooth potato vodka. Potato vodkas seem to have a "thicker" feel on the pallet. This has a nice sweetish smell. Excellent price. Enjoy. Nick
Reviewer: Nick

This vodka is genuinely the finest I've ever had. I've tried almost all of the top shelf cocktail vodka's and this vodka is the smoothest and best tasting I've had. Next time you feel like partying Definitely go for Viking Fjord, you won't be disappointed.
Reviewer: Rafael M.

I give this a 5 because of the combination of a very solid liquor and a very low price point. I piked up a fifth for $11.99 and it was almost as good as my $21.99 bottle of Stoli's. You simply cant get a better vodka at this price point anywhere, plus its made from glaciers. GLACIERS!!!
Reviewer: Sheridan

Im surprised at the quality of this Vodka, very Smooth, very slight bite on the tongue. Awesome value around $12
Reviewer: Dave

I love this vodka, very clean taste and resonable price, doesn't leave me with a hangover. I love that it's made from potatoes and it's made me rluctant to try any grain vodka I haven't already had. A+ for VikingFjord.
Reviewer: LeifTheLucky

I do believe friends the Norwegians have nailed it with this one, it's the water! it could have been marketed with zero class at three times the price and probably still received rave reviews but alas again the Norwegians come through with class to spare (how many millions of years this water has been waiting on you friend)...Thank You Norway for not gouging us and allowing us to enjoy a truly wonderful Vodka...Now could anyone tell me where to get Aass Pilsner in America? Oh My!
Reviewer: NORGE

Amazing for the price
Reviewer: Red at the Beach

Best I have ever tasted, it has all the right things going for it. Potato, 5 times distilled, good water and above all a great taste at a good price. Better than Stoli.
Reviewer: The Golfer

My favorite Vodka! I'm partial to potato spirit as it is and before I tried VikingFjord Luksosowa was my goto. Side by side VF was smoother, cleaner and had a more pronounced soft potato flavor. Almost mildy sweet when served long but not at all sugary... reminds me of granny's potato candies! Oh yeah, the price is crazy! If no one told you different you'd think it was a $30-$40 bottle!
Reviewer: Rushx9

I break stuff when I drink this. It's bottled with the souls of Vikings. Pillage!
Reviewer: Brian Djenga

Excellent, and gluten free, which is important to me.
Reviewer: Dec

I only drink my spirits neat and I've had alot of different brands. I have to say, forget Grey Goose or Belvedere, Vikingfjord is one of the best vodkas out there. The only other vodka that is as smooth and also a great choice is Sobieski. This is a Polish vodka and also very smooth and affordable. You can't go wrong with either one.
Reviewer: Kevin Baker

Wow, just returned from Norway and Sweden where I sipped on a garbage bottle of "Absolute" purchased at the duty-free store at the airport in Fort Lauderdale for ten days. Viking Fjord was on the bottom shelf of my local store as the manager told me it is because the other brands pay for the eye-level spots, and the position of these products is not based at all on quality. My first sip blew me away. Best I have had in a long time, and I have had them all, including the over-rated Tito's. I am really glad I tried it as it is excellent.
Reviewer: Kevin Palmberg

This vodka was by far one of the smoothness and best tasting blood goes I have ever had. I am disappointed that it has been discontinued and United States and I really wish there was something that could be done to bring it back. It was very crisp clean smooth refreshing this is by far a top shelf choice for me
Reviewer: James Hebert

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