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A Polish product of advanced science, Ultimat is a blend of rye, wheat and potato. Though it is the most expensive vodka I have seen, I can easily say it is the smoothest. Lacks a strong flavor, slightly sweet, but has no harsh effects. I will warn that after drinking this vodka, everything else tastes harsh. Enjoy
Reviewer: John

This is the finest Vodka I have ever had. Could do without the added cost of the crystal bottle. $60 per is high..but well worth it. Drink it room temp. dont ruin it with water.
Reviewer: Jreiss

Ultimat is an excellent vodka but I don't give 5 stars easily. So far only Chopin and Wyborowa Single Estate have earned 5 stars in my book. Ultimat is very smooth and was the most expensive until Elit came out.
Reviewer: stephen

This vodka is well worth the price.Only one word is needed to discribe this vodka and that word is smooth! This has been the best to date that I have tasted.
Reviewer: Brian

You're kidding, right? $50 a bottle!! Save you money, there are plenty of vodkas out there for a lot less money and way better taste, smoothness, and quality. A litre of Turi for half the price, is a better deal anywhere. Pravda, Pearl, Russian Standard. Hey, a fool and his money.....
Reviewer: BCS

Odorless, smooth, and NO aftertaste
Reviewer: Pete Grondziowski

Excellent vodka. This is the rare vodka that has pleasant nuances at room temperature or frozen. Slightly sweet with a hint of bite, yet smooth going down. But the price. . . Flavor is always a bit subjective, and at least for my tastes there are other excellent vodkas for much less money.
Reviewer: chris

Ultimat definitely deserves 5 stars in this review. it is a smooth blend of 3 different styles - grain, rye, and potato, and it brings out the best of all worlds. It is on the expensive side, but it has a taste to match and i was not disappointed
Reviewer: Maksim Markov

Reviewer: wm kertzman

I often poke my head into "inner-city" liquor stores to deal hunt, and when I saw this on sale for $24, my jaw had to be scraped off of the floor. Poured room temperature and neat into a martini glass. The smell is intoxicating and very pleasant, like farm-fresh butter with next to no alcohol notes. It is as crystal-clear as mineral water, and leaves sticky little droplets all over the glass instead of the more oily "legs" that I'm used to from my favorite rye vodkas. Good lord, this stuff tastes incredible. It has light hints of tannin, fresh jalapeƱo pepper, and green-grape on the tongue, with the lightest alcohol burn I have ever encountered in any vodka in my life. To say it goes down smooth is almost superfluous - I have had harsher burns from beer before. It's more piquant than anything else, which just enhances the flavor profile. I added/stirred a scant few drops of Gallo dry vermouth and a rinsed Greek olive to make it a martini after the first tastes, and feel that this was the right decision. It is well and truly sublime as a martini. It's not easy to make vodka this smooth, but it is nearly a miracle for it to be this smooth AND deliver a full flavor profile.
Reviewer: Sam W.

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