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I drink everything NEAT. This stuff is great sipped from a shot glass - even better after a couple of hours in the freezer - try it!
Reviewer: richard price

Yeah, I tried it... no way. This stuff is like capturing, liquefying, and distilling the vapor that emanates out of my friend when he goes on his strict diet of gas station burritos,slightly expired 2% milk, hard boiled eggs, and canned pears for finishing. Not good. This product is hype.
Reviewer: Roby Perrin

This vodka gets mixed reviews. I happen to like Trump Vodka. You can certainly taste it when mixed. Not as smooth as Grey Goose, and certainly not as smooth as some other truly premium vodkas. But pretty mellow, with moderate burn, and good finish. I have tried this mixed in various drinks with good results. I think the vodkas flavor really enhances the drinks. Sipping straight is pleasurable as well. I personally like a vodka you can taste, as long as it tastes good. And Trump fits the bill. Although for the price, I'd consider many others (like Ketel One)ahead of it. But I recommend at least trying this one.
Reviewer: Mike W

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