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Country: PolandDistilled from: RyeCompany: Sobieski USA
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Reviewer: Yavkata

package better than content.
Reviewer: saulius

I finally found it! Watch out, this is going to break into alot of pricey vodkas sales. Very smooth, no burn, a faint toffee/vanilla smell, great slightly sweet rye tastes, no lingering after taste. I really enjoyed it for the price point. Polish Vodka WINS BIG!!! Here we go again!
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

This shows that the inventors of vodka can't be beaten at their own game. Sweet rye taste, and no burn. A pleasure to drink straight. A better product for the money will be hard to find.
Reviewer: Steve

Clean, crisp with a bit of pepper that reminds you vodka is actually supposed to have some character. Don't assume it can't be good because they're not charging a lot for it; question what we've all been led to believe good vodka is supposed to cost in the first place. This is premium vodka for people who are savvy enough to realize you don't have to pay $30 for premium vodka.
Reviewer: Brinegan

Can't beat it for the price. Great Polish vodka. I drink it when I run out of Luksosawa.
Reviewer: Jeff

So clean and smooth and the price... $12L Wow!
Reviewer: Tom

What a wonderful vodka to drink straight up. I normally favor potato based vodka's but this rye based classic from Poland is as good as it gets. The one star review was obviously meant to be 5 stars which would put this brand right near the top where it belongs.
Reviewer: The Baron

best value for the price
Reviewer: Levi

My local ABC store now carries this full time, after some consistent badgering. SOLID Polish Wodka and what a price to boot.
Reviewer: Terry

Smooth, Tastes pretty good. Pretty bad hangover though.
Reviewer: Dave

Best Vodka for the price
Reviewer: Pat

Nice smooth vodka. Oh ya, you can't beat the price $9.98 in Michigan !!
Reviewer: tom kleinfeld

Distilled from Rye not much burn- a wee hot, but still quite good for the money.
Reviewer: peter mizla

I own Calebs Liquors in New York (see it on youtube) and this vodka is now selling like hot cakes. Similar to Svedka sales in 2007. In terms of taste its better than Svedka, great value, I'd rank it with Fris & Luksosow, not Hangar,Jewel or Goose though.
Reviewer: Diamond

Very close to a #4 rating. Very good vodka for it's price. Unbeatable. And I find it pretty funny how some of these "experts" bashed on it, like saying they felt like they were "at the doctor's" from the aroma. Go smell any vodka $10 vodka and you'll eat your words. And it's even funnier how one of them fucked up "slightly" as "sligtly." Give respect where it's due. The everyday man doesn't buy premium-priced liquors.
Reviewer: Joey

Medium nose, hints of toasted rye and grape, medium polished finish. As far as rye vodkas go, this one is just delicious. Perfect balance in the tasting notes, and as pleasant to the nose as it is to the palate. And the price makes it an exceptional choice. Easily in my top 5 !
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

This vodka is a hidden jewel. Cheap and mostly unknown, best vodka I've tried in terms of bang for the buck. Some initial bite, but goes down smooth with a very mild burn with no unpleasant aftertaste. Can't be beaten for the value.
Reviewer: Jason

Unfortunately, this one was a bit disappointing... Sobieski vodka smells nice and has a pleasant initial taste, and a good texture, but everything is spoiled by a terribly bitter aftertaste. I was expecting more from a fast-growing, 100% rye Polish vodka.
Reviewer: Bogdan Petculescu

Not quite as creamy as Wyborova or Fris [INVALID] it's crisp, and clear, and clean. It's not a bad vodka, but apparently they outsource the everclear. They don't start with rye, they start with "agricultural rye ethanol" which is like 90%+ alcohol [INVALID] perhaps dozens of ethanols from many locations. Then they distill and purify those to arrive at the product. It's good and clean, but it's just not "start to finish", so to speak. You have to trust their outsourcing.
Reviewer: adam

I have been drinking this vodka for over a year and would have rated it a 5 until recently. Over the last 2 months, I have had 2 bottles that exhibited an odd aftertaste - kind of peppery but not in the pleasant sense. Adam's comment how they don't control the fermentation stage, but buy and distill ethanol from other sources may explain this. Ramp up your quality control, Sobieski!
Reviewer: Paul

tried this at the SLGA liquor show, there's quite a push on the product with a review label on the neck of the bottle. polish grain vodka... i love Luksusowa so felt obliged to try this bargin out. so far as grains go this has an initial bite which i like, ends smooth with a taste that says 'this is good vodka' the price point seals it as a great buy that won't disapoint.
Reviewer: EsocLucius

Most people who believe price dictates quality would find this wodka a disapointment. Excellent vodka for the price. Taste is smooth yet sharp. This is how real vodka tastes. Drink it cold & drink it straight.
Reviewer: Travelman

When you smell it, it smells like alcohol. I think of rubbing alcohol, but it must be ethanol. It bites slightly and you taste the ethanol. You note the smoothness and the alcohol flavor drops noticeably. Trying to detect the flavors results in an alcohol-filled palate. The flavor is thin. Mineral. Clean. It does not burn the back of the throat. The bite of the alcohol drops noticeably after the tip of the tongue. There is no grimace-effect. Mint, pear, mineral, might be there. Interesting comparison to caraway seeds in rye-bread. I am not pissed off at bruce willis for admitting to me, on the label, that the vodka wasn't actually that good. It costed $13. I think that it might be less harsh than ketel one citroen, during the swallow, but less viscous. It mixes VERY well with orange juice. 1 part vodka to 1 part orange juice leaves very little to detect of the vodka. I am very pleased with my purchase.
Reviewer: guest

This has been mt vodka of choice for over a year now. It has replaced Svedka in my daily vodka martini. Mixes well with Bloody Mary, Cosmo, Cape Codder, etc. Couldn't be more pleased with as the price is under $20 per handle and the taste is top shelf. Better than Belvedere at 1/4 the price. I hope they don't start raising the price now that everyone has discovered how good vodka is. Awesome. Thanks Sobieski.
Reviewer: Vladamir

This is always the brand I reach for when it comes to vodka. it has a lovely nose, great taste, and does not have a lingering aftertaste. my only problem with this polish delight is it I tend to get a bit.. Happy? And my current partner does not find a alcohol breathed lover appealing.
Reviewer: Derrek

I have been buying 1.75 liter bottles of Sobieski vodka for the past two years. Just paid $20.00 today for another bottle. I must say this vodka is of very good quality. The bottle says it is 100% dankowski rye. But, it doesn't have that strong taste like a rye whisky. This distilled spirit is much smoother. This vodka is from Poland. I have drank Sobieski mixed with iced tea, also with pink grapefruit juice, and today I am drinking it with sierra mist lemon lime soda, not bad at all. When drinking this vodka with iced tea, I have got the taste of raisins more than once. A very yummy thing. The last thing I'd like to say, is that there is good alcohol and bad alcohol when you want to get drunk. Sometimes the taste test just don't tell you enough. It's the hangover the next morning that tells you what your drink is really made of. Sobieski has been one of the most forgiving 80 proof alcohols I can get drunk on & still feel okay the next day. That's why I continue to buy it, because it it proven.
Reviewer: Joshua

Best bang for your buck hands down!! I gave 4 because there are some better vodkas out there, but they are significantly higher in price!! Cheaper than Smirnoff and better than most top shelf bottles (grey goose, belvedere, absolut). If you only ever buy sobieski you'll be just fine!
Reviewer: Joe

This vodka is the best vodka dollar for dollar available in my opinion. I have been drinking vodka for years and have even helped make local vodkas (in US, MI). I love this vodka and never hesitate to recommend it, especially for mixing.
Reviewer: Tim

A typical vodka with a good price. However gave me hangover a few times. Don't know if I buy it again.
Reviewer: jmr

I "dicovered" this vodka a few months ago and what a gem! Absolutely brilliant nose/taste/finish/shooters/mixed/whatever......and I was going to add "for the money" but the truth is, this inexpensive vodka is one of the best without any reservations.
Reviewer: Largs

Smooth with a sweet finish. Nice for mixed drinks.
Reviewer: Chuck Gesing

Very surprised with this vodka, I was low on cash and decided a litre was a better deal than other lower proced vodkas. This was only $18 for a litre and was one of the better vodkas ive ever had, no kidding. For the price to quality ratio it should be six stars.
Reviewer: Joshua D.

Excellent value for $$$. Smooth with a peppery finish. I judge vodka as a stand alone product or over ice. Although not as delicate as Goose, it's one third the price. When that's accounted for, it's a much better value.
Reviewer: Jeff C

I was a bit skeptic when I found the 5th version priced around 12 bucks. It's tasty, rather strong, but best part is that it leaves a very soft after-taste, allowing one to drink it straight without making funny faces (for vodka, that is). I heavily recommend their Bizon Grass flavor, as it is the tastiest and strongest flavor of Sobieski IMO. I feel sad I can't get in my current country :(
Reviewer: Frank

a couple of the flavors are 'ok', but some are just distasteful. Artificial taste. Caramel is very bad, and I like caramel.
Reviewer: Leif

Absolutely smooth, and easy to drink. The price with the quality makes this Vodka a no-brainer.
Reviewer: Oliver

I like Sobieski but it finishes very sweet. I like a drier vodka. It's a good mixer but too sweet for a martini.
Reviewer: Chuck Gesing

There are better vodkas out there. But at its price point, Sobieski is easily worth it's weight in gold.
Reviewer: Daniel

a Friend gave me a 1.75 of this with no comment, just a sly smile... it's an instant favorite, most vodkas are smooth enough at finger numbing temperatures, this one remains a pleasant winter companion even when at room temperature because it's too "blankety-blank" cold outside to even THINK about opening the door to leave it outside where it can be properly cold
Reviewer: Allan DeGroot

Excellent wodka to a fair price.
Reviewer: Espen H. Blokkdal

A vodka martini should taste as good as this
Reviewer: Rick bayle

For the price, it's hard to beat
Reviewer: HoJo

Well for everyone who drinks Sobieski Vodka, this is a good product for the price and will add that it is the same recipe as Belvedere Vodka with a different label.
Reviewer: Charles Rosales

I usually drink vodka with some water and ice, and this is not one to do that with. Sobieski is ok for what it is, a cheap alcohol delivery device. I can't expect for $12 a bottle it would be pleasant to drink alone. Since it probably isn't geared towards doing that, I won't give it lower than a 3. The rye is prevalent in the nose and taste, just too medicinal and harsh to sip. That is, of course, only my reaction to it and opinion. A half pint is around $3.50, so if you are interested thats a good way to give it a try.
Reviewer: Patrick

I love this vodka. I've always enjoyed vodka cocktails, but I bought this way back because of the price & I'd heard it was excellent. It's amazing. I now drink shots of it straight, the best way, with food. Occasionally I still have a cocktail but Sobieski is really for drinking neat. It has a strong nose, but not overpowering. I like a little punch to my vodka and it has that. But it's beautifully subtle at the same time. Very clean and crisp, satisfying, & no aftertaste. I usually drink it in shots with food in chilled shot glass. Very good. And very cheap! Highly recommend! Save the mixing for other brands this one stands on it's own.
Reviewer: Rob

Great Vodka. Great price. The best in Martini's. If you want a good inexpensive bottle... Try it!
Reviewer: Mrrongee

Great vodka, in my opinion as smooth as grey goose but way less expensive. Any other vodka for the price i pay would give me a terrible hangover considering how much i drink. But sobieski rarely does. Very smooth, something about the rye i believe. 5 stars all day. Yes, there are better vodkas. But for the price, nothing comes even close. Drink sobieski instead of beer or whiskey. Your girl will be more satisfied in bed, thats a promise.
Reviewer: David Bogovich II

Wow! Surprisingly excellent & cheap. Will continue to buy
Reviewer: heffrey

Excellent quality and worthy of the name of Polish kings. Mixes well and has little aftertaste. Very decent for the price!
Reviewer: Erin Kat

Interesting how many previous reviews refer to Sobieski as an alternative to Luksusowa, they reflect my opinion precisely. Sobieski has a little peppery aftertaste that Luksusowa does not. I've tasted some of those more expensive brands - not impressed. Anything more than $20 - $25 for 1.75L is completely pretentious.
Reviewer: Craig

Not a refined vodka. Sobieski has a definite bite to it. Did ok in our blind taste test. Very good in a mix. A decent mid priced vodka.
Reviewer: steve chelmicki

Sobieski has fresh spring mountain air with subtle vanilla background. The entry and palate is bitter saccharine rye with heat The finish is brief with vanilla, and citrus under tones. It is not good straight,or chilled ,and is just a mixer .
Reviewer: Gary

My standard, everyday vodka, and absolutely incredible for making infusions - It's got a metallic, silvery body to it, with a very brief burn reminiscent of white pepper and grapefruit zest. Many of my american friends don't like this as much as the "smooth" vodkas out there (Everyone I know who's tried Ultimat or Chopin has had their eyes go wide), but that just leaves more for me! This is a four-star vodka flavor wise, but I'm giving it five because of the absolutely insanely low price - usually $15 per bottle, but I've seen it as low as $12 a bottle before, despite *easily* being in the same neighborhood as $18-$25 vodkas from anyone else. It not only punches above its weight, but wins most of its fights!
Reviewer: Sam W.

Finest vodka unbeatable price most delicious bloody mary ever..thought stoli n ruskoa were good..the poles have excelled russians in this vodka 2-1..im from Arkansas USA. .easy to find!!!
Reviewer: Dougie

Definitely best quality for price! I have never found any better deal for my homemade martini so far and it's even smooth on its own!!
Reviewer: Kevin

I love this Vodka. great Taste, smooth, on the rocks or on Dirty Martini. This is the best value for money vodka.
Reviewer: Franck

Very nice for the price. I drink them all. Would rate as good as Stoli, but a little more bite and most important....clean, distilled just right. Clear...I like the slight aftertaste. I paid $15.99 today. Really worth it.
Reviewer: Leslie Lesh

This is a kick ass vodka! I have had a few others that have more subtle qualities, but Sobieski is as balanced and strong as they come. It has a clear rye bite, but is smooth with a clean finish. Better than Wyborowa and Finlandia. Great straight or as a mixer.
Reviewer: Mark

It's my favorite and the price in Chicago is $12 a very good price. I've tried most upscale brands and this is the only vodka I use.
Reviewer: Michelle

Cool glass bottle with raised symbols just below the label (like the Winged Hussars, etc.). Had straight, with ice and also made a Canadian Mule with Canada Dry ginger ale. All good tasting. Great value for Polish import vodka.
Reviewer: Dave G.

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