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Excellent. Straight-up or mixed. Just the right bite and body to stand up to any mixer. Clean and refreshing. Nice package, too.
Reviewer: Stuie G

Clean taste... Priced right... Flavors, too.
Reviewer: Stuie G

Best quality/price ratio out there... I just wish it was easier to find.... Retailers WAKE-UP
Reviewer: Stuie

Very good, has room for improvement. Body a little thin, not bad though. Good try.
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

I love this vodka - where can i find it in the UK??
Reviewer: Mary Jane

This is an exceptional vodka with hints of lemon and grain and a rather sweet finish. Very clean and refreshing on the palate. Great for drinking straight and in any vodka cocktail. Unbelievable buy at about $20.00 per .750 lt. I feel I have a jewel from Estonia!
Reviewer: Rodney Sherard

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