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Stolichnaya Okhotnichya

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Probably my favorite vodka. This spirit is not for the meek, as its bold flavors will attest. I love this vodka during the long winter months, for it is never boring and provides much warmth.
Reviewer: James Nelson

This vodka was introduced to me by my professor from grad school. She was quite a vodka-phile and saved this as a special-event dessert drink. It has a distinctive, smooth (acquired) taste, with a hint of anise and honey. I bought two bottles several years ago in Pennsylvania and have not been able to locate it since. Help?
Reviewer: Brian Harms

Deliciously complex, and exactly what you need on a cold day. Outstanding.
Reviewer: Lee Coleman

probably the best vodka available. very clean but strong flavored might not be for "newbie" vodka drinkers. VERY hard to find.
Reviewer: rodell

My favorite too. Some Russian friends taught me how to drink this vodka when I was 17. They pointed out that the flavor is actually medicinal and that you won't get sick or have as much of a hangover in the morning. Drink with food.
Reviewer: Bruce Dearborn Walker

I love this vodka and now can no longer find it anywhere. Actually, I stumbled across this website in my attempt to track it down somewhere - anywhere - here in the USofA.
Reviewer: Doug Bb

Iv consumed a lot of vodka in my time. Tryed many a brand, but none compare to this. If i could describe this vodka in one word ,Perfection. It is quite possibly the best beverage i have ever had the pleasure of tasting.Its completely ruined all other vodkas for me as i now view every thing else as run of mill booze. Its that good
Reviewer: Nick

I recently came across a bottle of this rare vodka and haven't opened it yet. Would love some advice on whether I should drink it, save it, or sell it. It sounds fantastic but it's the only one I've ever seen.
Reviewer: AEH

Stoli is a good vodka and it provides good value for your money. It's a little too bitter for my taste, however.
Reviewer: Jennifer

My all-time favorite vodka! Such a unique taste. I believe according to the label the flavor is mountain grass & heather honey. It is so hard to find I haven't had any in almost 20 years. Last found in a shop in Moscow back in 1994. Before that in Tampa, Fl I used to order it special from a local liquor store, so people can always try that.
Reviewer: Chuck C.

Loved it, brought it back from st. Thomas and savored for quite a while. Haven't been able to find it since
Reviewer: Brett Thomas

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