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Stoli Elite

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Smoothest vodka on the market. I had it at El Centro in LA. Life was good.
Reviewer: Rich

The smoothest vodka I think I've ever had...highly recommend!
Reviewer: Tim

at $71.51 a bottle, give me a break.
Reviewer: BCS

the best ive ever had
Reviewer: chris

This is without a doubt the finest Vodka made... Stoli has done their homework here...
Reviewer: Frank B

been drinking vodka for years and years. my local bar had promo bottle of stoli elite for us to try. oh my god it is the smoothest vodka i have every tasted. cannot discribe how great it is.
Reviewer: mike g

Had 2 shots of this at Red Square in Vegas. I am totaly hooked.....nothing comes close to this excellent smooth Vodka...nothing
Reviewer: jack

Sampled several brands in Red Square in Las Vegas. Stoli Elit was the BEST! Prior to Stoli Elit I did not prefer vodka due to the harsh bite. Elit changed my mind.
Reviewer: Jim Griffin

Very, very smooth, but almost boring to drink. I paid $12 for a girl sized martini. I would recommend it for women and not the man who enjoys a real martini.
Reviewer: Scot

Very smooth runs me about 58.99 a 5th. I wouldn't make a mix drink with this. It would be an insult to stoli.
Reviewer: review

Maybe not up to the hype, but definitely worth the price. This one really doesn't want freezing, and don't think of insulting it with ice. Top notch.
Reviewer: Pev

I tried it in Phoenix at the BCS and it is now the only vodka i will drink. Pricey yes but tasty as candy. Be warned if you try it you won't want to go back.
Reviewer: andrew stambaugh

Had it at a bar in humble Annapolis, MD. Went straight to my head very merrily, making me think it was over 80 proof, but perhaps it's just distilled to greater purity.
Reviewer: Marion

Tried this vodka straight, freezer cold, very smooth ((I prefer it over Cavalli, Ketel, BORU (good for price), Titos, Vermont White, etc)) Still order Goose on rocks when out and about.
Reviewer: B

So good. So smooth. Goes down like water. I have been a Vodka drinker for YEARS. I tried this in Davie Florida, Sips & Dips and it was just sooo smooth! I live on this stuff now! Its $$ but WORTH IT!
Reviewer: Tojive77

Amazing. simply amazing btw, the reviews on this i see are unfairly low due to some people being stupid with the review. Like one person giving it a 1 simply because of the price, and another idiot said that this was "the BEST" but still gave it a 1, clearly not realizing how the rating system works.
Reviewer: Maksim Markov

I am the owner of NightclubVIP.net and am a avid Vodka drinker. I usually drink Grey Goose as my vodka of choice but if a club carries Stoli Elite this is now my first choice. Granted there is a premium but for me to say a Vodka is better than Goose it has to be good.
Reviewer: John Nova

The smoothest Vodka on the planet!!
Reviewer: Mohan Apte

This vodka was a Christmas gift to my husband and I. It makes a fantastically smooth straight up dry martini but with a subtle bite. I will purchase this again and use only for straight martinis. It would be a shame to mix this with something.
Reviewer: skfloyd

I'm not only a vodka drinker but a bartender as well .... you have to understand that most prominent alcohols in bars are a result of marketing. HOWEVER, this one is WELL WORTH the expense...it's one of the best vodkas I've had.
Reviewer: Cat

i bartend in CA and enjoy turning people on to this vodka. one of the best at its price.
Reviewer: jake

Great taste especially when chilled
Reviewer: Tony

Surprisingly smooth, this vodka has a creamy texture that accompinies its rich flavor of grains, and lacking the cheap vodka burn. I think this vodka is best with a filling meal (steak etc) that would go well with such a smooth vodka. This is one great vodka that you should try!
Reviewer: Dan Merritt

To paraphrase an old favorite TV character: there aren't enough "O's" on the word SMOOOOOOOOOOOOTH to fit this vodka. And I drink it straight, not with a mixer - so you can really tell the difference!!
Reviewer: Alex Cara

simply amazing
Reviewer: daan

I have tasted many vodkas over the years ... It was at the Russian Tea room bar a few weeks ago that I enjoyed the Elit . It is is a class by itself ! Straight up Martini only! Do not ruin this super smooth vodka with anything. Best served with bar food . Enjoy !
Reviewer: Serge

Hands down the best vodka I've ever tasted. You can enjoy it straight or in a martini. A++++++
Reviewer: Pat G

All the above comments are true. Wow.
Reviewer: steve

The best vodka I have tested! Very smooth and clean taste with no alcholic taste! I tested Gray Goose the same night, and Stoli Elite was much greater!
Reviewer: Helge

Incredible. You must try this. It's the only vodka I drink now. This is to grey goose like grey goose is to $5/bottle vodka.
Reviewer: de

Ultra smooth, light taste, best vodka to date any where in the world. Make no mistake this will have you going back for more.
Reviewer: George

My response is the same as the others. I can't imagine vodka getting any better. Usually I'm at odds with most reviews. Not this time. Certainly would not mix this vodka. It's a pleasure neat or straight on ice.
Reviewer: Jay

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