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The best and most smooth vodka I have ever had. I have yet to find it in the states. I was able to try this vodka on a trip to Moscow. It is infused with port and brandy, then laced with apple or pear leaves. Excellent, plain and simple. I hope it gets imported to the states.
Reviewer: steve

I normally don't like vodka, but I love Starka. I found it originally in Japan. The label isn't too clear about whether the brand is Starka or just the contents are Starka (aged vodka). What I had was a Russian import, not Polish. There's room for improvement in the Starka I drank, but I give it a five because it is still divine. I'll bet that more aging would be heavenly.
Reviewer: Winona Adkins

Unbelievable! Bought a bottle for 60 rubles in St. Petersburg - wish I'd bought a case! Tasty as any french liquer.
Reviewer: Steve McKinney

Where can I buy it in the USA?
Reviewer: ruth johnson

it is the color of black and it is so smooth - the best I have ever tasted.I had it in Russia and I'm trying to find it in the US so I can buy it. I would like to find a contact in Russia or Europe.
Reviewer: dianne king

Quite the sweet surprise. This flavorful (sweet and full of fruit), Russian concoction runs across your taste buds smoother than the dark color would suggest. My Russian co-worker enlightened me to a bottle after her recent trip back. From what I understand, not yet (readily) available in the States. The bottles' labels does not have a stitch of English on it.
Reviewer: Dale

Together with Zubrowka this aromated vodka is a welcome extra to the wide field of clear and "pure" wodka's. A sensible choice for a late night drink, together with a fine cigar/pipe and a good book. a thing for those amongst us who still know how to savour a moment of silence, contemplation and GREAT TASTE. A pitty it's so hard to find!
Reviewer: Jean - Marie Cox

Does anybody know where I can get Starka in the USA??? I have been search "forever." I'd buy by the case if I had to.
Reviewer: Ken Krul - Long Beach, California

Reviewer: Eric

Purchased at a boutique liquor store in Kraków - this is aged 15 years, produced in Vilnius, Lithuania. For those who don't know, Starka is an ancient, traditional style of Vodka that is aged underground in fresh lindenwood casks with apple leaves. Rich and complex on the nose - mostly notes of caramel, but also with light woody undertones and something not unlike fresh-baked apple pie. This... this is exquisite. I'm finding difficulty describing how overwhelmingly complicated the flavors on hand here are, except to say that I can hardly believe this is still Vodka! It's definitely sweet, with a thick, unctuous custard-like mouthfeel. Vanilla, sandalwood, new leather, the smell of freshly-raked leaves, a hint of sea-spray, and an in-your-face Umami character that I have only ever experienced in Barleywine or Scotch. In an irresistibly delicious way, it reminds me of lightly sauteed forest mushrooms. The aftertaste is sticky-savory toasted caramel and vanilla - lovely. Sorry Vodkaphiles, I broke the scoring again - this one's a Six, going beyond "one of the best vodkas I've ever tasted" right up to "one of the best THINGS I've ever tasted". Should you find yourself in Poland, the Baltics, or St. Petersburg, it is MANDATORY that you find and bring back a bottle of this nectar of the gods.
Reviewer: Sam W.

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