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Shakers Original American Vodka

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This is the best vodka I've ever tasted. Clean and smooth, great taste. Where's this been all my life?
Reviewer: Kathleen Schultz

This is the smoothest Vodka EVER! You need to try it.....
Reviewer: Al Rice

This is the smoothest vodka I have ever tasted! On ice, or straight out of the freezer. No need for mixers with this on. And it's American made! Great!
Reviewer: Mark Zander

No need to try everything once, after I expirienced Shakers Vodka. Crisp and clean with a natural sweetness.
Reviewer: Billy Green

Smooth, James Bond would love it, and the bottle looks great in the liquor cabinet!
Reviewer: Derek J Sikes

ranks right up there with all the best.u.s. made to make it even more enticing. no need to buy anything else.
Reviewer: ben c. white

Simply the best. NO need to try the rest. Talk about smooth!
Reviewer: Robin

When you've tried the rest, you come back to the best - SHAKERS.
Reviewer: Evelyn April

Very smooth vodka that ranks right up there as one of the best. A bit metalic on the finish
Reviewer: Billy

An excellent American vodka.
Reviewer: Al Christenson

Usually if one hears Vodka and Minnesota in the same sentence it is usually about a dreadful spirit vy the name of Popov. However, I recently heard about Shakers on either CNN or MSNBC and thier six column distilling process. My friends and I went out and I managed to talk the three of us into a shot. I convinced everyone to sip it first. What happened next was unbelieveable. No one wanted to shoot the drink. SHAKERS is so clean, so smooth it shocked us. We sipped the Vodka and talked about it's future. Something this good should have a warning label on the bottle. I hope those who are interested in good vodka will give this a try. It is worth the time and the only danger is falling in love with it.
Reviewer: Mike

So smooth. Best way to drink is straight.
Reviewer: Jeff

Shakers is spectacular. Don't you dare dilute the wonderful nuances of this vodka by mixing it.
Reviewer: Chris

We conducted a blind taste test with 2 other vodkas and I could pick the Shakers by scent alone. One sip and I was positive. We LOVE it and keep it in our freezer always. The BEST!
Reviewer: Kat

I bought this vodka because of the reviews here and my opinion is this: for an "american" vodka it is too expenisve for the taste, which is weird...aftertaste is ok, burn is minimal. For the price, save a little more and get Hangar 1. Not enough cash on hand get Kettle one. The goose is a littel over rated for the money. Not likely to buy shakers again but, it's really ok.
Reviewer: Brad S.

the taste is strong with a long burn it smells like what it taste. Way over rated I don't understand why the other reviews are so good. wow. Try 3vodka made from soy beans It's the best one as for taste and smoothness.
Reviewer: jack

the taste is strong with a long burn it smells like what it taste. Way over rated I don't understand why the other reviews are so good. wow. Try 3vodka made from soy beans It's the best one as for taste and smoothness.
Reviewer: jack

good vodka
Reviewer: Sam

Shakers goes down like no other!
Reviewer: Jared

After hearing my friends talk about this, I decided to try some. It's NOT worth the money. There are many other vodka's out there that taste smoother without paying their expensive price. I do not recommend this.
Reviewer: Ted

I live in MN. and am a little bias. This is truly a great Vodka-smooth, great scent, and aftertaste. But I'm sorry to say is over priced. I tried two Shakers martinis at a company funtion(drinks were on the house)and was plesently surprised. I had the bartender swirl some vermouth around the glass and then toss it out before pouring in the martini. It really was as good as a Kettle One martini but as I stated over priced($27.00 to Kettle One's $19.00 at my local store. Mike
Reviewer: Michael Rider

Shakers vodka when compared to others (Skyy, Grey Goose, Absolute), doesn't compare. After conducting a trial at my last cocktail party, people voted Shakers last in terms of taste. Not only is it extremely dry, drinking it chilled on the rocks tasted like rubbing alcohol. Maybe I got a bad batch (had some fuzz), but it's not rated high on my list. If it was selling for $10, bucks, yeah I'll but more, but not at those high prices. Just my opinions.
Reviewer: Ralph M.

Ooooo....that vanilla flavor the just cruises into your mouth after 2 seconds is just phenomenal! Fantastic! Drink it straight... Who'd'a thought the USA could make Vodka so great?!
Reviewer: Greg Anderson

Great quality and character. Amazing smoothness with individual character.
Reviewer: Scott Zinken

Just horrible. Seriously, I can't believe some of these reviews.
Reviewer: Heather

Reviewer: CHUCK

My experience with this vodka, drinking 6:1 martinis, is that its unlike any other Vodka I have ever had. It has its own taste like how good scotch does. Incredibly smooth. It really is its own thing, I can't really compare it to any other Vodkas. My absolute favorite drink, I couldn't give it a higher recommendation
Reviewer: Eric Anderson

We have tryed every vodka in the martini garage and non compare to Shakers rye. Character! Our only complaint on reg. Shakers-too smooth!
Reviewer: Mark Schreiner

Had strange particles floating in it. Looked like a snow globe when i poured it out. What's that??????????
Reviewer: Daphne Walton

Oh..my..God! I was shocked when I tasted this vodka, it was wonderful. I found a place where I could buy it for about $20 bucks and I'm stocking up. This is the best Vodka anywhere!!!
Reviewer: Leslie

One of the best vodka's out there today. Some may say its overrated and others say its too expensive. Eventhough its at a high price point, it is easily the best vodka for the money. Shakers puts belvedire and greygoose to shame if you ask me.
Reviewer: Tom

Interesting -- people seem to love it or hate it. I love it. Never in my experience has there been any burn, and it has an almost citric nose with distinct vanilla notes on the finish. I've never seen any particles, and never sensed any rubbing alcohol with the original (rye is a different story). And if you look, you can buy Shakers for just over $20 some places.
Reviewer: kiel

Perfectly smooth and no after taste!!! An amazing deal at $19.99/L!
Reviewer: Brandon

Not very smooth, not very tasty. I consider it to be expensive Listerine. But since I'm clearly in the minority, don't just take my word for it, [INVALID] 25 bucks and find out for yourself!
Reviewer: Jb

Just tried last evening. Very nice clean nose with a good whiff of cocoa! The taste was classic old world vodka with a clean and very smooth finish. The slightest burn, but ib that old world way. Great vodka, made in America! I'm trying the rye version in a few.
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

I am a vodka man to the core and I have to say that this vodka belongs at the top of my list. I drink it straight from the freezer and get no burn at all going down. Great vodka.
Reviewer: David J.

We have wholesale stock on both Rye and Wheat in CO if anyone is looking. Dale 303-947-6766
Reviewer: dale terry

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