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Seagram's Vodka

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For nine bucks a bottle, this is an unbeatable choice for everyday vodka. It is smooth, goes great straight up chilled and no hangover.
Reviewer: Andrew

A nice smooth vodka at a decent price. It doesn't carry the 'wonderful' add-on flavors of other vodkas, but it has a thick, smooth finish, drinkable as a vodka martini or mixed.
Reviewer: Joe

I don't know how this Vodka could rate anything higher than a two. This leads me to believe some reviews are fake. This Vodka tastes like rubbing alcohol to me. I'd rather drink some bottom shelf bargain brand. Sorry but maybe I don't know the difference between Seagrams extra smooth and regular Seagrams Vodka.
Reviewer: Buddy Hall

Great vodka for the price. Very smooth.
Reviewer: Jim

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