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Russian Standard Premium

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Best Vodka period although trying to find somewhere in the USA/Web where I can buy it. Anyody know?
Reviewer: rene

It's out of this world!!!
Reviewer: Kjetil Aamann

I know a friend who has a friend who visits Russia every six months or so. I managed to get him to bring me back a bottle. Can I say... OH MY GOD!!! This is the best I've ever had. Nothing since has come anywhere close to it. Smoother than smooth and absolutely clean with no hint of an after taste. It's like drinking pure H2o with a kick! If you can get some do it and let me know where because I would jump at a chance to get some more! Nuff said.
Reviewer: Chris Y.

This is not a vodka without flavour. it may not be the best to recommend if you appreciate mild, mellow and soft. in your mouth, you will instantly recognize the grain, and once it goes down, an essence of flint will slowly dissipate at the back of your tongue. personally i have recently developed a taste for these russian home-grown characteristics.
Reviewer: Moses

Chilled, it is one of the finest vodkas out there. The !B0=40@B Premium was priced about twice as much compared to others, but it was money well-spent.
Reviewer: Richard Brklacich

Absolutely the smoothest, best tasting vodka in the world. My initial bottles from my wifes trip to Russia are now near gone, and I don't want to drink the last one... we need to go back
Reviewer: Kevin

Go to Russian Standard's Website they make Imperia and I guess it is their top vodka and you can get it in the U.S. and it is by far the best vodka I have ever had!!! I buy my Imperia from Spec's - www.specsonline.com - hope this helps!
Reviewer: Brendan

bloody brilliant
Reviewer: tony

Russian Standard Platinum is available in Salt Lake City Utah. I tried it and it was amazing. It puts Grey Goose to shame and it was around 20 a bottle. I was amazed at how good it is.
Reviewer: Michael Russel

has strong flavor and after-taste. while generally cleaner than regular Russian Standard, i found the taste to be more aggressive and without the subtle sweetness that comes with the original.
Reviewer: Maksim Markov

Amazing vodka...the best I have ever had. Way better than any brand I have tried that was made outside of the motherland.
Reviewer: Adam

Amazing, that simple!
Reviewer: James Brown

Smooth, nice taste, no hangover.
Reviewer: Joe

I like all three vodkas from Russian Standard, they burn clean moment of and morning after. there are other great vodkas no doubt but value vs. dollar per oz. the entry level Russian Standard is a best bet to impress yourself and guest.
Reviewer: futurestar

I have always felt Russian Standard was the best vodka for the money. I found a bottle of the Platinum at a duty free shop and with the first taste knew this transcended the regular with a smoothness and perfect aftertaste. I have ordered some of their 'gold' variety to compare with the other two.
Reviewer: Laird Jennings

My Favorite Russian Vodka I live in Brighton Beach and have tried most of the Russian vodkas here, this is the best, tastes great, smooth and no burn.
Reviewer: Joe Scott

Just had a few shots of the RS Platinum there and I think it is certainly up there with the best superb premiums, such as Ciroc, Belvedere, Winter's Place and Imperia. I was pleasantly surprised given the price is a fair bit cheaper, so certainly worth a try. Very smooth and almost no aftertaste. Kettle One is probably in the same range as this, but I think Platinum just about shades it.
Reviewer: Gibbie

For my taste, this Premium Standard is only a hair above the regular Standard from St. Petersburg. Either one is exceptionally smooth as a sipping vodka.
Reviewer: Art Douglas

This is probably my newest favorite Vodka. I cooled it down to about 17 deg F today. Incredibly smooth, the back of my throat became numb, and my entire body is warm. I've had a few vodka's in my time, but good god this one is.., Wow. If you are lucky enough to find this, get it and try it. Phenomenal!!!
Reviewer: Dlam01

Have always been on the look out for Vodka in the $18-$24.00 range and have tried many. Some were good some were better all were drank on the rocks with olives. The best yet, Russian Standard Premium.
Reviewer: Jim Bennage

I'm not quite getting why they think this is a premium version when the original is smoother and more flavorful. Good but not great.
Reviewer: steve chelmicki

A delicious, smooth, almost odorless, faintly sweet drink. This is what I consider to be a pure vodka - tasty while being almost tasteless. Smooth, creamy and with a hint of sweetness, with no alcohol burn on the way down. A real pleasure to drink straight. I bought the 'Platinum' (also called, and known here, as 'Premium') version of Russian Standard while it was on sale, and although I've tried different brands, I've always returned to RS Platinum. It does cost $7 more than most vodkas, but it's still less than marketing masters like Grey Goose. You simply can't do better for the price.
Reviewer: Neil "Travelin' Jones"

I already like regular Russian Standard for being unapologetic to the vodka yuppies of the world; Platinum panders to them a bit, but it still has that bit of bite to go along with a wonderful grain taste and slick mouthfeel.
Reviewer: EsocLucius

Ray Abraham back in action! This vodka was rated #1 in the world for good reason. I am downing the Platinum Russian Standard. It is creamy and smoother than most. Russians again showing that they are the vodka rulers!
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

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