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Russian Shot Vodka

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I've been drinking this brand for the past 5 months daily; "6 times distilled from the finest grains", it's very smooth/crisp, no medicinal/swag alcohol aftertaste, and very CLEAN! It's a product of the Ukraine, distributed by OLIMP...retails around $21 USD for a 1.75 L, I was getting it on "manager's special" sale for $14.99 past 5 months!!
Reviewer: Nathan Detroit

Was hesitant given low price (under $10 for 750ml)but first taste of this 6 times distilled was soft, silky and very smooth with no after taste. Very good straight or with a good mixer.
Reviewer: Ed

I was a Skyy vodka fan, like dirty martini's! But, just tried the Russian Shot vodka (was on sale) and find it to be a finer, clearer, milder vodka. Skyy had to be in the freezer to taste better, Russian Shot just needs a good chill. Price us better, too!
Reviewer: Ltn

This is an excellent vodka straight, with mixers or especially in a dirty martini. Smooth and clean with an even silky finish. Highly recommend!
Reviewer: Paul Harris

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