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Vodka from Iceland? Yes! They've never produced it on their own, but let's face it, this is a foreign venture in a land that has all the right ingredients. Namely, the purest water in the world. Never heard of anyone using lava rock for filtration, but hey, it works on the same principle as charcoal, so why not? I have to say, I was very impressed by this vodka and would put it up against the finest in the world. It's made in small batches so I'll be interested to see if subsequent purchases have the same quality of the one I tried. Give this one a try, you won't be disappointed.
Reviewer: chris

Interesting vodka: water purer than big name bottled water, first legal vodka distilled and bottled in Iceland-so their site says;pot still from Grants' of Scotland(like Titos, etc.). Bottom line an excellent refreshing, very crisp vodka. Recommended.
Reviewer: Rob

This vodka is perhaps the best value on the market. No afterburn from this extremely well textured vodka and leaves a chill in your throat. Wonderful product crafted is small batches in Iceland's only Vodka Distillery. Uses natural spring water filtered through volcanic rock.
Reviewer: Dave

Absolutely worth the price. It starts out a bit bite-ey but then turns buttery smooth. So nice very cold.
Reviewer: Paige

Wonderful! A slight bite at first..then silky smooth. Tastes a little sweet. Extremely smooth. A great value for $22/750ml This may become my regular.
Reviewer: David

Just tried it last night. Let me tell you, I made my Dad a martini from the bottle and I drank the rest. So tasty, smooth, tastes like VODKA. I was really impressed.The price isn't bad either. Got to go buy a few more bottles before they're gone!
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

Cool comercials, soft on the first sip but a bit harsher on the way down. expected a bit more for the money
Reviewer: Serge

Good Vodka. Very smooth. A bit bland for me after tasting ZYR in the same seating
Reviewer: Jason

very good. one of the smoothest vodkas out there. filtered through icelandic lava rock. but taste isn't quite what i want in a vodka (i am biased toward the taste of classic russian vodkas). great for shots and mixing.
Reviewer: Maksim Markov

One of my new favorites. Probably in top 3 grain vodkas for the price (<$20/750ml). Smooth, hint of minerality, earthy nose with a slightly sweet finish.
Reviewer: Kiel Christianson

The Best Non-Russian & Polish Vodka! Very clean tasting to start, then seems to explode with pleasant flavor, and goes down smooth with no after-burn. I have to talk myself out of re-filling the glass!
Reviewer: Joe Scott

Clean nose, smooth finish but the deal breaker is the heavy mineral aftertaste.
Reviewer: Mike

great vodka has an awesome complex finish, a vodka with character that should be enjoyed neat chilled or on the rocks
Reviewer: Jon

Smooth, clean, delicious
Reviewer: Paola S

I've been reading reviews on Vodkaphiles for years now and have benefitted greatly from its collected experience. But I have to add my two cents worth on Reyka because I recently went to Iceland and picked up a bottle on the strength of the positive reviews here. Unfortunately, I have to agree with Mike above; Reyka has a strong mineral aftertaste and a harsh bite. There are many better vodkas for the same price.
Reviewer: Mark

With respect to Mark & Mike above, I enjoy the aftertaste. Mineral though it may be, it is pleasant & light. Nose is clean & bright, finish is amongst the smoothest I've imbibed. May not be for everyone, but for a commercially "mass-produced" vodka, this is a fine spirit worthy of its price-point.
Reviewer: Jay

One of my favorites. Clean and fresh.
Reviewer: creep

Good stuff.
Reviewer: Chrostopher

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