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Nasty. I have heard good things about this vodka from friends thats the only reason i give it a 2 im hoping i just got a bad bottle. It had the consistency of olive oil, and tasted like rubbing alcohol no matter how dilluted i made it, this vodka still tasted like crap. Try it for yourself maybe i got a bad bottle. I hope for the sake of vodka.
Reviewer: ian oliver

Works best as a shot of vodka, chilled, with no ice in the shot, take it in, let it rest in your tongue, take a breath to oxidize it and taste it, then down it. You can squeeze a lime in it, add a splash of water, and ice it, but then you're not really getting to actually enjoy the taste of the vodka.
Reviewer: BettyCatalina

Has a great aroma of ripe lime. Full taste although it's not very smooth. I think it would make a great mixing vodka, don't consider drinking this one straight.
Reviewer: Charmin Hassenfeffer

an impressive product. i had a friend bring it to me as a gift and was very surprised by the clean finish of this vodka. it remains on my list of the top ten that i will always purchse again for future taste comparisons
Reviewer: Moses

Ok, here is my beef. This stuff does not taste like Vodka at all. Read my other reviews(Stoli,Armadale,Ketel One and you will see I'm no hater when it comes to Vodka. IMHO, this stuff is crap and tastes more like Tequila rather than Vodka. I have tasted some unpleasent Vodkas in my day and I dare to say I'd rather drink Dimitri than this.
Reviewer: Matthew

very unique vodka, quite smooth, good for mixxed drinks. has a tasty hint of lime and goes down quite well chiled neat. a nice change of pace from goose, or bellv.
Reviewer: michael piliero

Wonderful vodka but ... I've had 3 bottles that were cork tainted and will not buy anymore. Contacted company and wanted to send free bottle but I refused. Sorry this happened to such a great product!
Reviewer: Charlene Walker

excellent Vodka but a bit pricey. I think it has a very smooth taste also. it is also made in a small town called Frankfort Ky where some of the best Bourbon Whiskey in the US is made!
Reviewer: Rob

I LOVE this vodka. Right now it's the closest thing to organic that I can get locally since I'm trying to be healthier. I think it's a nice, clean taste and for the same price as Absolut or Stoly I'm going with Rain. Cool bottle too.
Reviewer: TAA

i had a shot a while ago, before i became a hardcore vodkaphile. but from my recollection it's not too bad. it doesn't try to make itself to be much, and it's not, but it is atleast decent and drinkable. i approve.
Reviewer: Maksim Markov

I drink this vodka (neat) on a regular basis. It has a sweet and smooth taste, and is also forgiving the next morning. Recently Rain vodka has started using synthetic cork. No more "tainted bottle" worries.
Reviewer: Michael

Very cool design. Well priced at $22 a half gallon! Not as smooth as the name suggests though, which is what I look for in vodka. My buddie's favorite though.
Reviewer: Troy

Rain Organics has an odd sweet smell and taste, but after the first drink it kinda of chills out, although still there to a certain extent. Cool Bottle! Compared to my usual Vodka (Seagram's, xtra smooth). Does not hold a candle to mine.
Reviewer: Janeen

Seriously tastes and smells like tequila. Very unpleasant in a mixer. Dumping the rest of the bottle.
Reviewer: Jim Brawley

This is a great vodka for the price, and is also organic (which is really neat). My friend thought it tasted like tequila but he has a problem with his taste buds. I still like Stoli the best, but rain is definitely in the top ten
Reviewer: Luke Brown

We returned our vodka mixed drinks at a bar thinking the bartender put tequila instead of vodka. Found out it was rain vodka. Seriously I don't know how anyone likes this brand. Might try it in a margarita.
Reviewer: Stephen sotomayor

Very smooth vodka. To me it has very earthy tones to it. This helps to balance it out & give it a smooth finish. Doesn't taste like tequila, but it does remind me of a good, chilled sake.
Reviewer: Josh

i actually have drank this vodka quite a bit and i have to say that i have enjoyed it. I have to admit it has a faint taste of tequila but not to over powering. It is rather smooth and mixes well in my opinion. Plus it wont break the bank by far.
Reviewer: kira

I am a serious vodka drinker (1 gallon per week) and I found this vodka quite strange. It has a thick, almost "creamy" taste - as if it were mixed with 1/2 & 1/2. Might be OK in a White Russian, but NOT a vodka/tonic.
Reviewer: John Francis

Had a bottle this weekend, could not remember what happened throughout the night, not sure if the coldness of outside made me more drunk. Had memory loss of the whole night…
Reviewer: Zezus

Just bought a bottle based on the "DOUBLE GOLD 2008 SAN FRANCISCO SPIRITS COMPETITION" as advertised by Bevmo and Total Wine and More. It is very smooth but there's that strange non-vodka layer to it that was really throwing me off, that tequila flavor. Very unusual for a vodka, especially one distilled 7 times. I wont buy another bottle but I'll enjoy the rest of this bottle the best I can. My favorite vodka to date is definitely Chopin's Potato Vodka. Every vodka drinker MUST try that vodka.
Reviewer: Eric

I like everything about this vodka, from the bottle to the name, the organic production, and especially the taste. It makes a great martini. I like a little bite in my vodka, and it has that, but it is so slight and smooth. Rain is not my favorite vodka, but it is amongst the top rated in my book for its price. I would highly recommend this vodka to a beginner, or a seasoned vodka drinker, and would not hesitate to serve it to a discerning pallet. It is very pleasant. I think I'll go have one now.
Reviewer: Mike Riley

You get what you pay for. And a $20.00 bottle of whatever is a $20.00 bottle. As Vodka goes it is between Smirnoff and Absolute. I have no problem with it at all as a mixer, but fir something straight go with Grey Goose....
Reviewer: Paul

I don't know if they changed their recipe according to some opinions, but this vodka tastes nothing like tequila. I love this vodka! Taste is amazingly smooth! Makes a super good martini! I've tried....stoli, grey goose, belvedere, kettel one, esme, absolut, summum, opulent, skyy, decadent, etc. It seriously beats them all in my opinion. The only vodka better is ciroc....but that is ridiculously priced!
Reviewer: Jon

I am a regular vodka drinker and thought I'd try a bottle of this. It's good if you like paint thinner, but don't expect to taste vodka. Very disappointing.
Reviewer: Lisa

They do a good job of filtering out the bad stuff...tasted good to me...
Reviewer: j rite

The worst vodka I've ever tasted and I'm a vodka lover. Stick with Ketel One.
Reviewer: Smell erg

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