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Jewel of Russia Classic

Reviews to date: 12Average score: 5
Country: RussiaDistilled from: GrainCompany: BMC Imports
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A beautifully decorated bottle and the product itself match each other very well. Vodka is smooth, with fine aftertaste. No hangover at all.
Reviewer: Alexey

By far the finest Vodka I have had. Smooth texture, light but lovely flavor, and never a hangover. Well worth the modest $30 price tag. The bottle has a classic look that makes for an elegant gift, or shelftop collectible.
Reviewer: Balthazar

Everyone loves Grey Goose... it's ok... but this stuff is the best... Chopin is quite good as well
Reviewer: Mike

A very fine vodka. Nice bottle and pourer. I drank too much of this on friday and saturday, on sunday I was feeling very odd. Powerful vodka.
Reviewer: Matt

I like this one very much. I prefer it over many others. In my opinion, the only other ones that can even compare are Grey Goose and Cristall. I love the aroma and taste, it's great neat.
Reviewer: Al

TeH! Jewel of Russia is tEh Boooo000wwmbahaada!!!
Reviewer: Hank

Hands down the best Russian vodka I have had. Aromas of lime and a smooth, classic Russian flavor. This is a vodka that epitomies what I think vodka should be. It's about perfect in my book.
Reviewer: Charmin Hassenfeffer

Simply the best, if you can find it. For those who are willing to go on a pilgrimage to locate some, try poking about the russian district in Brighton Beach, NY, near Coney Island.
Reviewer: JB

Jewel of Russia is the best vodka I have ever tried!! It is soooo smooth it scares me sometimes. I will always buy it for special occasions.
Reviewer: David Robakevich

I gave it a 4 because 4.5 was not allowed. I love it but Jewel Of Russia Ultra is a 6. It is absolutely the smoothest I have ever had. I am Russian in nationality and have had many different Vodkas and this is so smooooooth. My Bourbon friends love it. I rate it the best with Chopin next and Kettle one 3 and Russian standard 5. Has far as Gray Goose, it's French give me a break. That is all marketing.I tried it 1 time and it will never cross my lips ever again. P.S Ultra goes for about $55-65 a bottle.
Reviewer: Garrett

I got a bonus at work today, so naturally, this is what happened next. Pours like liquid diamond; light hitting its surface seems to glow and refract. The bottle is a work of art - it is clear that this is not just a drink, but a piece of tangible cultural heritage. Unchanged for 300 years, which is almost unheard of for any beverage worldwide. Woah, this stuff is GOOD. There's a lot going on here - most of the body is vegetal, acidic, and a touch bitter, like grapefruit zest, with a deeply refreshing center carrying notes of black currant and marzipan. It's rare that I take so many sips of something - each one brings something new, with the only unifying factor being a smoldering, vegetal spiciness. Notes as diverse as fresh-cut lawn, lakeside sand, and walnut wood poke their way through here and there - Russia in a shotglass. Altogether, it's the most in-your-face Rye flavor I have ever tasted. There's even an aftertaste, and it's glorious, and I am at a loss for words to compare it to anything else I've ever had on my tongue in my life. It's almost like an edible, candied form of liquid silver, and it's incredibly alluring and pleasant. As a small ice-cold shot, the hype is worth it and more. It goes down with a loaded freight train of crisp steamy flavor, and with the force and sensation of a chameleon-camouflaged curling stone. Something BIG just went by, but barely felt; the ghost of a drink. It's not even "smooth", because that implies that it's even noticeable at all. It is flat-out dangerous how untraceable this vodka is. Jewel of Russia absolutely, definitively deserves its place here as one of the greatest vodkas on the planet, and is aptly named - this is the best Russian vodka I have ever had the pleasure of trying, no contest, and I am under the impression that I just tasted a national treasure.
Reviewer: Sam W.

84 points out of 100, 4.2 stars Goes down smooth, has a bit more power on palate than the Russian Standard, vanilla and pepper on the finish.
Reviewer: MYW

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